Thursday, May 16, 2024
Thursday, May 16, 2024

Amuse vs. Ditto: Music Distribution

Amuse vs. Ditto, is a comparative analysis of these two music distributors to aid in decision making. We have links to products and services we recommend below

Discounts & Recommendations:


Amuse Boost charges $19.99 per year for Unlimited distribution vs. Ditto which charges $20 for Starter & $59 for Pro for Unlimited distribution. 


Both Amuse & Ditto allow you to keep 100%  


You want your music everywhere it can create value which makes the number and qualify of stores important. 

Ditto gets you into far more high quality stores than Amuse. 

New stores 

Ditto automatically distributes your releases to new stores. 

Amuse doesn’t have a policy on distribution to new stores. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. 

Specialty stores 

Soundcloud& AudioMack?

Yes for both Amuse and Ditto 


Only Ditto distributes to Beatport 

Note – Ditto charges an additional fee of $40 for a Beatport label set up if you don’t already have one. Otherwise, distribution to Beatport is free. 

Amuse doesn’t distribute to Beatport 

Audio capabilities

Apple Music now pays 10% more in royalties for songs mixed for Spatial Audio which means Dolby Atmos 

Neither Amuse nor Ditto distributes songs mixed in Dolby Atmos. 


One thing about Pre-orders is that they can trigger priority placement in stores due to consolidating sales over a stretch of months into your first week. It’s a very effective tool and you can watch our video Pre-saves vs. Pre-orders to truly understand their value. 

Ditto gives you Pre-orders and with those Pre-orders you also get Instant Gratification Tracks which is a tool used to incentive fans to buy by granting immediate access to an unreleased track off the project. 

Amuse doesn’t offer Pre-orders 

Note – Ditto charges a one-time fee of $40 for Pre-orders which includes iTunes and Amazon. 

Digital booklets

Digital Booklets are like digital versions of CD foldout treys and can add extra value to music downloads in iTunes. 

No for both Ditto and Amuse on Digital Booklets 

Music video distribution 

Ditto charges a one-time of $99 to set up a Vevo channel then $29 per video you distribute. 

You keep 100% of what you earn from Vevo. 

Amuse doesn’t offer music video distribution. 


Ditto will register your releases and collect Mechanical Royalties

Takes 10% of the Publisher’s share which is pretty standard  


This is having your distributor push through a pitch to stores and streaming platforms for priority placement. 

Ditto has a separate Promo service and it’s not offered at all by Amuse. 

Royalty reports

Ditto – good. Detailed reports showing store, quantity, revenue, country, and more with the ability to filter. 

Amuse – very poor. Basic reports showing total revenue and streaming activity with no ability to filter so you have no idea how much you’re making from where. 

Transaction fees: 

Ditto allows you to avoid All transaction fees by receiving funds by direct deposit. 

Amuse charges at least $1 per transaction 


Amuse – $3 

Ditto – £25 


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