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Venice Music vs Distrokid vs Tunecore vs CD Baby

This is a comparative overview of Venice Music vs the top three digital distributors and how they compare. We’ll first take a look at what Venice Music does that separates it from its competition, following up with a head-to-head of services and features. We have links to discounts on some of the services we talk about below. If you decide to use these services, you can support us by using our links to purchase.

Discounts & Recommendations:

Quality of Service 

The key term here is scale. A Business doesn’t want the cost of providing a service to exceed revenue. At $20 annually or even $50 annually for unlimited releases, it isn’t scalable for digital distributors to provide a high level of service. If you get accused of streaming fraud or copyright infringement you’re guilty, because that’s the most scalable resolution. It costs nothing to ignore you. 

Personalized marketing support, guidance, insight, etc. are all unscalable so you get a blog offering generalized tips instead of a representative. With customer support, you get bots, virtual assistance, and canned responses where any question that results in a need to go off script causes a malfunction. A higher level of service is reserved for artists with exceptional performance, and it’s not even advertised so artists that don’t get it, don’t expect it or even aspire to qualify for it. 

The most adopted alternative solution to the scale problem is to require artists to apply. With the submissions, they look for reasons why they can expect exceptional performance to qualify your music for distribution. 

Rather than short-changing you on services or restricting access through an application, Venice Music charges a rate that’s scalable for it to provide a high level of service. If you’re looking for the highest quality without having to meet someone else’s standard of value for your art, you can’t beat the offer. 

What Does Venice Offer that the others don’t?

Concierge Support 

Grants you the ability to schedule live chats with support reps. Like Donavan, a real person you can chat with live. 


One on One 30-minute personalized consultation with an industry expert. Includes a deep dive into your current position, challenges, and industry opportunities. 

Past experts have included 

  • Grammy Nominated producer Hitmaka 
  • President of LVRN – a record label under UMG – Tunde Balogun 
  • General Manager of LVRN Amber Grimes 
  • Artist Manager Ty Baisden  

Weekly Workshops

Get to play your music for some of these same people and work to map out an effective strategy. 

Sync Pro 

Tunecore offers sync placements as part of their Tunecore Publishing package. The agreement is exclusive and their cut of placements is 50%. This claims to be a pitching service but with the quantity of releases in Tunecore’s inventory, logic tells me there’s no way they could pitch this many releases. What’s more likely the case is that songs and artists that cross a certain popularity threshold get pitched, and everything else collects dust. As a result of the agreement being exclusive, if you were to get your music placed independently, you’d still be required to pay Tunecore 50%. 

CD Baby offers sync as part of an Upgrade called CD Baby Boost which is non-exclusive and would have you lose 40% of a placement to their service fee. There’s no pitching that takes place here, what’s provided is a database of music for licensees to sort through. It’s effectively just like adding your music to Spotify where just because it’s there, doesn’t mean it’s going to get heard. 

Neither Tunecore nor CD Baby offers a meaningful way of improving your chances of getting a track placed. 

Venice Music offers sync as part of their distribution package and their cut of a placement is 30%. The agreement is also non-exclusive so you’re free to get your own placements. 

What Venice Music does that’s different from both CD Baby and Tunecore is provide you with sync briefs that outline the details of the type of track a music supervisor is seeking. You get reference tracks, mood, style, genre, and even BPMs. This allows you to find the right song to pitch or create one. 

They also provide Sync feedback sessions where once a week they invite special guests, including music supervisors, to sit, listen to your music, and provide insight on what you can do to improve your chances of getting a song placed. Outside of the information, these sessions are great opportunities to introduce your work to decision-makers in the film industry and establish relationships. 


All of these distributors get your music just about everywhere you’d want it to be, but there are a few desired stores you won’t find. Soundcloud and AudioMack allow artists to upload releases directly, but monetization isn’t easily accessible. Soundcloud charges a monthly fee for monetization. AudioMack requires verification. A distributor that sends music to these destinations allows you to skip all that and jump straight to monetization.

Soundcloud monetization is only offered by Venice Music. AudioMack monetization is only offered by Distrokid and Venice Music.

Venice vs. Distrokid vs. Tunecore vs. CD Baby – Head-to-Head

Distrokid 7% DiscountTunecore 20% DiscountCD Baby 50% DiscountVenice 25% Discount
Price$23 Annually | Musician
$39.99 Annually | Musician Plus $89.99 Annually | Ultimate
Free + 20% | New Artist
$19.99 Annually | Rising Artist $35.99 Annually | Breakout Artist $49.99 Annually | Professional Artists
$10/Per release $41.66/Month or $499Annually | Pro 
PercentageKeep 100%Keep 100%Keep 91% Keep 100%
Audio MackYesNoNoYes
NoYes – included for free
New Stores+Store Maximizer: $8 per release annuallyProfessional plan required IncludedIncluded
Video DistributionSeparate service: +$99 AnnuallyNot offeredNot offered Included & Unlimited 
Release DateNo – Musician Plan
Yes – Musician Plus
Transaction Fees2.9% $1 Cap per withdrawal2.9% 25¢ Cap per withdrawalNo Fee for Direct Bank Transfer 2.9% Uncapped for PayPal 2.9% per withdrawal Uncapped
Payment Threshold$1None$10$50
Artists21Unlimited 1
Content ID$5 Per single $14 Per album Annually + 20%20%30%0%
You Keep 100% 
Split PayRequires a $10 annual Subscription for collaboratorsRequires an $8 annual subscription for collaboratorsNoFree
UPCMusician Plan – Free, can’t bring your own
Musician Plus – Can bring your own
Bringing your own requires at least a Breakout Artist plan
Free + bring your own + Use for Physical Free + Bring your own
ISRCFree, Bring your ownFree, Bring your ownFree + bring your own Free, Bring your own
CancelRemoved from storesRemoved from storesRelease stays Removed from stores
Taxes30% Tax Treaty30% Tax Treaty30% Tax Treaty30% Tax Treaty
Custom Label NameMusician – No
Musician Plus – Yes
Direct DealsYes
Content ID is not Direct
Red FlagsYesNoneNone None


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