Soundcloud Go: Sticking it to the Little Guy?


CD Baby Pro vs. Tunecore Publishing vs. Songtrust – Publishing Administration


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Why Subscription Based Streaming is Bad for Artists

Music Streaming

On Spotify which allows free ad supported streaming and premium streaming, 7/11 – a song off of Beyonce’s self titled album “Beyonce” generated over 118 Million streams. On Rdio, a subscription based platform with much more restrictive free access, Beyonce generated a little over 4 Million streams for the entire Beyonce album.

The Decline of Music Sales: What’s Really to Blame?

The Decline in Sales

I keep reading these articles about the decline of music sales where some industry person pretty much blames it all on file sharing. The story usually goes, people got a taste of free music and now expect music to be free. Here’s a bit of news for them, there was free access to music way before illegal file sharing rose to popularity.

Music Promotion: Fiverr Review


Digital Distribution: CD Baby vs. Tunecore vs. Onerpm vs. DistroKid


Different distributors offer different pricing options. You’ll find distributors like DistroKid that offer unlimited distribution for a low annual fee. There are distributors like CDBaby and Onerpm that charge an upfront flat fee plus a percentage of sales and there are digital distributors like Tunecore that charge an annual fee per release. What it comes down to is what’s going to work best for you.

Tidal Discovery: Something for Unsigned Artists?


Tidal recently launched a new feature called “Tidal Discovery” which focuses on exposing Tidal users to music from unsigned artists. According to the press release, artists will be able to use Tidal discovery to submit their music to Tidal directly without the use of a “middleman”. The catch is that any music submitted through the Tidal discovery program has to be

Getting Verified on Spotify


Being verified is largely something most of us associate with Twitter but others have began to take notice and offer verification as well. Facebook was the first to bite but now Spotify has gotten in on the action. That’s right artists, you can now get a verified artist page on Spotify.