What Artists Don't Know, Hurts Their Pockets & Wallets


Last night we paid a visit to BMI’s offices for an important seminar on the “6 Exclusive Rights of the Artist” provided by TuneCore CEO Jeff Price and George Howard, along with BMI’s AVP, International Legal & Business Affairs, John Coletta.

To quote Mos Def, we are “living in marvelous times” as the advantages of digital technology and a litany of tools if used efficiently aide artists during the most massive paradigm shift in recorded music history.  While we debate the fate of the ‘cd’ and artists continue to worry about how they’re going to make money with a mindset mostly connected to either selling hard-copies of their album, merch and now digital downloads or streams, for many the idea of there being alternative channels for income outside of ‘paid’ shows simply doesn’t exist. Publishing and copyrights are a big deal. Something that major record labels have always known, one of a few key factors that have helped hold countless artists in ‘financial’ bondage for years. With that said, I leave you with one suggestion. Get familiar with the “Six Legal Copyrights”. As an artist its your responsibility to become knowledgeable about what will effect your career and what’s necessary in order to become a ‘thriving’ artist, not a barely surviving one.

But wait there’s more!!!

TuneCore offers a number of promotions for users of their service but still maintains their concern for the well being of artists even if they aren’t affiliated. We zipped up the first seven volumes of their FREE Music Industry Survival Manual for you to download. Click the image below and they’re yours!



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