Symphonic Distribution Review


Symphonic is a digital distributor that does things differently than pretty much every other distributor.

Symphonic Pricing

Symphonic has unique pricing. Artists pay a one-time registration fee of $25 then a fee to distribute their release. After their first release, artists only have to pay to distribute the release.

$25 One time Registration fee

  • 1-5 tracks: $10.99
  • 1-10 tracks: $19.99
  • 1-15 tracks: $29.99
  • 1-20 tracks: $39.99
  • 24+: $50


An album of 10 tracks released with Symphonic would initially cost an artist $45. The second album of 10 tracks would cost the artist $19.99.Artists keep 100% of their royalties.

Artists keep 100% of their royalties.

Symphonic Speed

When it comes to speed, Symphonic opts for honesty and logic instead. They ask that artists provide a 10-day window for iTunes and a 3-4 week window for streaming platforms.

Symphonic Stores

Symphonic distributes to 73 stores, which is the most I’ve seen. Good news for you if you’re an EDM artists. Symphonic distributes to a ton of EDM focussed stores that no other distributor gets your music into.

Symphonic Pricing

The only drawback to Symphonic is their quarterly payments because, who wants to wait 3 months to get paid? In addition to paying quarterly, Symphonic imposes a $50 threshold, booo!

Symphonic Extras

Extras is where Symphonic excels by doing Soundcloud monetization, video distribution, and offering a number of promotional services. Artists can submit for playlist consideration, synch licensing, and more.

Get the complete rundown on Symphonic as well as CD Baby, ONErpm, Tunecore, and more by downloading the Digital Distribution Whitepaper:



  1. Symphonic Distribution is a TERRIBLE service and full of excuses and I feel they do not care about indie artists at all. We sadly gave them two tries, one with an EP in 2016, and then a single a year later. They released an EP for one of our artists and it was double submitted to all the stores, then took two weeks to pull try to pull one release down, that didn’t work so they ordered a take-down and re-submitted to the stores with a new release so now we have two IRSC’s and UPC codes for the music and this all happened in the pre-order stage that we gave ample time for distribution and time to correct errors. We thought we were ahead of the game, WRONG! THEN, oh stupid me, why did I let them release a single again a year later, yes stupid me to try and give them another chance so we did a pre-sale release and submitted it on February 2, 2017 for a March 1st, 2017 release date and guess what? It’s March 4th and the single is STILL NOT on Amazon, sent numerous emails to support and get responses back that it’s Amazons fault and that Amazon is a pain which I believe is not a truthful statement because I’ve never had problems with any other distributors getting music on Amazon. I gave them a bad review on Facebook and they took down their reviews as well, so I’m sure other complaints are rolling in.


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