Submit Music to Pandora


This is a step by step guide on how to submit music to Pandora.

Pandora is notoriously selective in what it decides to accept onto their platform so though it’s relatively easy to submit, be prepared to not take it personal if your submission is rejected. It’s at their discretion and they don’t and won’t provide any explanation as to why. I’ve had an album and a single accepted into Pandora and an album rejected. The only assumption I can make as to why was audio quality, the material that got selected was mastered, the material that got rejected was not. If you’re going to submit, keep that in mind and make sure your music sounds as good as it possibly can.

Step 1

Pandora Login

In order to submit music to Pandora you’re required to have an account. If you don’t have an account you must create one, if you do have an account just sign in.

Step 2

Provide the information for your submission – This is what you’re going to need for this section so it would be best if you had it prepared prior to submitting.

  1. Artist/ Band Name
  2. Artist Bio/ Info Link – here you link to a web page that has your bio hosted on it like or your website
  3. Provide a link to purchase – Post an iTunes, Bandcamp, or AmazonĀ  link to where your album or single can be bought.
  4. Post the name of your release
  5. Post the type of release: single, album, etc.
  6. Post the release year
  7. Input your UPC barcode for your release. Once upon a time Pandora required everyone to have a UPC barcode in order to submit music for review but that’s no longer the case.
  8. Post your music genre
  9. Provide a link to one track from the release – Post a Bandcamp or Soundcloud link. iTunes only allows 30 second clips so they won’t be able to hear the whole song unless they buy it.
  10. Post a Description about your album or song

Step 3


Verify your account with your current email address and your Pandora password.

That’s it, you’re done!


Note, it can take months for Pandora to review your material so patience is key.



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