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Soundcloud Stream & Direct Upload Features


With the SoundCloud Stream, users get the content of the artists they follow in their Stream, which is like a social media feed but exclusively for audio content. Same as with a social media platform like Twitter, users can follow accounts. If a user follows an artist’s account, everything that the artist publishes to Soundcloud and Reposts (Like a Retweet) goes to that user’s Stream. 

Soundcloud’s stream offers artists a unique opportunity to engage with their listeners. The direct upload feature allows artists to post any kind of audio content from a song to an announcement and that’s what really changes the game. Artists can upload audio messages announcing performances, merchandise, new music, stories about the creation of songs, vlogs, anything they want to communicate with their fans. It’s one of the most underused Soundcloud tools that artists have at their disposal. Every post comes with a description where artists can post links and combining the ability to upload custom audio messages with links can convert Soundcloud from just a place to stream music to a sales funnel. 

Spotify doesn’t give you access to your audience, Apple Music doesn’t give you access to your audience, Tidal doesn’t give you access to your audience. YouTube gives you access to your audience but has you competing with all the other content on the platform. The people consuming your music on a daily basis are the people that care the most about it and having access to those people is incredibly important. 

Currently, we have a fragmented landscape for artists where they have social media followers that aren’t streaming their music, and fans streaming their music that aren’t social media followers. When an artist has a new release it’s announced on social media to followers that often don’t care much for the news. Those that would care the most for the news are inaccessible, walled off by streaming platforms that do not want to empower artists with the ability to send users off their platforms. 

Through recommendation engines across various platforms, artists accumulate thousands of listeners. It’s completely at the discretion of streaming platforms whether those listeners ever hear another song from the same artists. Somewhere, there’s a music fan that can’t remember your name or the title of your song so they can’t find you through search, but they’re thinking “whatever happened to that guy that made that song…” Soundcloud’s Stream gives artists the power to answer that question. That fan might log in to Soundcloud one day to see your latest track in their Stream or an update about what you’re up to.

When you think about what it means to get a follower on Spotify or Deezer, things are even worse. Followers on these platforms are just metrics that indicate the level of interest a user has in a particular artist. The platforms may send notifications of new releases and concert announcements, but at the same time, they may not. It’s completely at their discretion and a matter of whether it’s in their best interest to help you out. Additionally, these fan notification features are used so little and given so little focus that fans don’t even know they exist and the few notifications they receive get ignored. All things considered, the SoundCloud Stream feature is an extremely powerful fan engagement and sales tool.



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