Soundcloud Pro Account: Is It Worth It?


Is a Soundcloud Pro account worth It?

What does Soundcloud Pro offer with its services? Are they services that help you as an artist? Let’s find out.

Soundcloud Pro vs. Pro Unlimited – Cost 

Soundcloud offers two types of Pro accounts. There’s the Pro account and there’s the Pro Unlimited account.

Pro $7/month or $63/year vs. Pro Unlimited $15/month or $135/year 

Soundcloud offers discounts when you pay for the year rather than paying month to month.

Upload Hours 

Soundcloud doesn’t limit storage space by the size of your files. Instead, you’re limited by upload hours.

The average album is about 40 minutes in length. Soundcloud provides you with 3 hours of upload time with a free account. This makes out to around 4 albums worth of music. Frequently releasing new albums and mixtapes to Soundcloud may have you pushing up against the quota. If you’ve reached the maximum amount of time and you want to upload more music, you’ll have no choice but to upgrade.

Is it worth it? Yes, if you need more space

Pro offer – 6 Hours of upload time vs. Pro Unlimited offer – Unlimited upload time  .

Quiet mode

With this feature, you can enable/disable comments and enable/disable statistics that show on your sound stream. If you’re being harassed or receiving tons of negative comments, disabling comments would bring an end to it. Sometimes your play count can influence how people listen to your music. If your play count is low, it may be more beneficial to not let anyone see your stats. By hiding the stats, users are forced to judge the song by the song.

Soundcloud allows you to delete comments. You’d have to get a really overwhelming amount of feedback to disable comments altogether. Just as a low play count can have a negative impact, it can have a positive impact. Some music fans enjoy being the first to discover an act and share with friends. It’s part of the thrill.

Is it worth it? No.

Pro: Yes vs. Pro Unlimited: Yes


Swap Song Files

You can swap audio files with a Soundcloud Pro subscription. For instance, you upload a demo of a track. The response is great, blogs pick it up, fans share it, it gets tons of comments. You get the track mixed and mastered and want to upload the new version. You don’t want to delete the demo and lose all the shares, blog embeds, and comments. Those same people may never return to your Soundcloud page to hear the mastered version as a new track.

With the swap feature, you can change the demo for the master. You won’t lose any of the comments or shares, and all the widgets shared by blogs will play the newly mastered version.

Is it worth it? Yes

Pro: Yes vs. Pro Unlimited: Yes


Spotlight gives you control over your profile page on Soundcloud. With a free account, you can’t control which songs sit at the top of your page. The order of your songs is completely random. You end up with tracks you’d like heard first nowhere in view. Even worse, Soundcloud will post tracks you repost to your homepage. This can result in your top tracks being Reposts rather than your own music.

With Spotlight, you get to choose the top songs that appear on your profile page.

Pro: Yes vs. Pro Unlimited: Yes

Free Download Limits

With a free account, you’re only allowed to give away 100 free downloads per song. With the rise of streaming, people have become more reluctant to download music. It’s just more convenient to stream because of the lack of digital storage space. Additionally, Soundcloud has buy links you can use to link to other platforms. You can use the description box to link to other download sources as well.

The issue here is, you can’t change the buy button text without a Pro account. Even though you’re offering a free download, the button will say “buy” and listeners will be reluctant to click. Links in the description box aren’t attention grabbing and are easily overlooked. The best way to get people to download your music on Soundcloud is to allow downloading directly from Soundcloud.

Is it worth it to pay to give away music for free? No.

Pro: 1000 Free Downloads vs. Pro Unlimited: Unlimited Free Downloads 


Extensive stats

Soundcloud Pro accounts provide you with advanced stats. Pro accounts give you more information than free accounts. Pro Unlimted accounts give you more information than Pro accounts. It breaks down like this:


Pro Unlimited

Who played the most – shows who’s streaming your music and how often. Yes Yes
Plays by Country Yes Yes
Plays by city No Yes
Plays by Soundcloud page, app, and website No Yes


Soundcloud stats can help you pinpoint a single and/or plan a tour. It shows you the pages, apps, and websites that are driving plays which help you market more efficiently. Bottom line, advanced stats are for artists at an advanced level. If you’re not marketing and advertising or touring these stats are of little value to you. If you are doing those things, they’re vital.

Worth it? Yes

Is Soundcloud Pro Worth it? 

Soundcloud Pro accounts are worth the money but it’s circumstantial and dependent on the type of artist. If you’re not at an advanced stage in your career you won’t find advanced stats of much use. At the same time, you may need more space to upload more music. You may want to disable other users ability to see your play count or comment. You may want to lift the download limit. If you need the features they’re charging you to access, it’s worth it for you. Even with advanced stats, they may matter much to you now but at some point, they will.

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