Should You Consider A Career In Music?


This is the one of the most positive outlooks I’ve seen about considering a career in music. I appreciate it because Roger H. Brown
presents a reality that most artists simply do not recognize. There are multiple channels one can pursue in music that will pay off. You just have to be aware of them. You’ve gottah seek them out. You have to do your paperwork and become informed if you seriously want to earn a living doing the music you love. It’s a no excuses situation. Ultimately it’s about switching of mentality. It’s true belief in yourself. Don’t let fear and a lack of knowledge cripple your ambition. Don’t be lazy, go for it! You are where you focus. Focus on what you want to achieve and make it so. You’ll find out that the possibilities are many once you step out of those circles of skepticism. Guess what, in most cases skeptics are skeptical simply because they’re ignorant. Don’t be that. Follow your dream. Be great.


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