Why Advertise on YOUTUBE?

Reach new fans online. With over a billion users watching close to 5 billion videos per day Youtube is the undisputed champ of online video. By Advertising your music on Youtube, you gain the ability to reach almost one-third of all internet users.

Pay what you want and only pay for results. With Youtube’s TrueView In-Stream ad option you only pay when a viewer watches your video for 30 seconds or more. Any views under 30 seconds don’t count so you get the most value out of every paid view. With TrueView Discovery you only pay when a user chooses to watch your video.

Youtube makes video suggestions to users based on their viewing history. When users watch your video, Youtube will suggest they watch more of your videos on their homepage and when they watch videos from other creators.

The biggest search engine is Google but the 2nd biggest, processing over 5 billions monthly searches, is Youtube. Generating views, getting engagement, and building an audience on Youtube increases your rank in related searches which can expand your reach exponentially.

Youtube Music is an app dedicated to exclusively streaming music videos. Playlists are auto-generated from user listening history. If a user watches your Hip Hop video, Youtube will add your music to auto-generated Hip Hop playlists and artists stations for that user. This will also happen in Youtube Red which is Youtube’s subscription platform.

Youtube pays you 55% of ad revenue generated by your videos and Youtube Red pays you every time your music is streamed.

Standard Campaigns – Optimized to get the maximum amount of views.

Spend $100 | 5,000 – 10,000 Views

Advanced Campaigns – Targeted to find the listeners most likely to become fans

Spend $100 | 625 – 2000 Targeted Views

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You can use Facebook ads to get more views for your videos, drive traffic to your website, and get Page Likes. Facebook ads also appear on Instagram.

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Why advertise on Facebook?

Facebook has 1.7 billion active users establishing it as an extremely important tool in finding an audience for your music. Boost the visibility of your posts, get more likes, video views, and sales.

Facebook users share 4.75 billion pieces of content daily. Having your music discovered on Facebook, where sharing is native to the platform, provides you with the best potential for virility as one share turns into two which turns into three and then four and then…

Users spend close to an hour on Facebook daily. This means that everyday you have an opportunity to reinforce your brand message to your audience.

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