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We’re looking forward to this event. And not only are we going to cover it as press, we’re going to be on a panel (Remixing Culture- A Panel On Sampling & The Global Appropriation of Hip-Hop)! Come out Saturday October 22nd and meet us in person.

NEW YORK, NY (October 2011)—LOFI, an arts organization dedicated to supporting independent media, has announced the second annual RE/MIXED MEDIA FESTIVAL.  The festival, which explores remix and mashup culture from the artists’ perspective, will be held on October 22, 2011 in Brooklyn, New York.  Over 30 artists, musicians, performers, and technologists will present their work and ideas at One Arm Red and Water Street Restaurant and Bar in DUMBO.

The 2011 RE/MIXED MEDIA FESTIVAL features an exciting mix of work across and within a variety of disciplines.

  • Experience how the human body can become a musical instrument at a workshop on hacking the Microsoft Kinect with musician, Adriano Clemente.
  • Learn about the political, synesthesia-inducing videoart of Vimeo-award-winning remixer, Kasumi.
  • Explore heartbreak and love lost collected from Craigslist with the collaborative hybrid documentary, The Anonymous Heartache Project.
  • See the first full performance of 64 Paintings/64 Plays—a series of 64 one-page plays paired with dynamic soundscapes, animation, and art.
  • Participate in the celebrated (and wacky) multimedia trivia challenge, Big Quiz Thing.
  • Join pop-culture pirate, Elisa Kreisinger for carefully constructed subversions of mass media. (See following page for schedule and talent roster.)

The RE/MIXED MEDIA FESTIVAL explores the art of remix.  Digital technology has empowered artists and consumers alike to access media creation tools that were previously limited to professionals.  The result is an explosion of creativity—of remix, user-generated content, and art that pushes the limits of copyright and tinkers with the premise of intellectual property.  Founded in 2010, the RE/MIXED MEDIA FESTIVAL aims to bring public awareness and generate conversation around the vibrant art and practice of remix.  The inaugural event featured major figures in the world of remix including Moby, Steinski, Open Video Alliance’s Elizabeth Stark, as well as a diverse cast of cutting-edge remixers, and attracted over 1,000 attendees.

ABOUT LEAGUE OF INDEPENDENTS (LOFI)  LOFI  is an art/film/media collective established in 2009 devoted to preserving the tradition of independent creation in the arts and to supporting independent artists. Empowered by technology, more artists are creating media than ever before, but their works are often seen only on sites like YouTube and social networks. LOFI’s mission is to create a face?to?face community for these artists to screen their works, and to discuss and critique the works of their peers. We hope to have a permanent home by 2012.

Purchase tickets online here: http://www.remixedmedia.org/tickets


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