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Youtube Advertising Campaign Packages

Youtube Advertising Campaign Packages

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Youtube is the #1 destination for music. That's largely because it's the #2 most used Search Engine behind Google. When somebody hears about a song, they look it up on Youtube. 

Present Youtube stats 

It's the best place to build and nurture a fanbase because you're given the ability to communicate. There are also a host of monetization options that expand revenue potential beyond streams. 

We provide full-service Youtube Marketing that comes with:

  • Optimization
  • Free Consultation
  • Remarketing Set-up
  • Analysis 


Upon payment you'll receive an email requesting a few things: 

  • Link to your music video
  • Access to your Youtube channel for advanced tracking 

Once your campaign has been set to launch you'll receive a notification. Youtube has a review process where videos can take from 24 hours up to a week for approval. Upon approval, you'll be informed of your campaign's activation. 

You'll receive a 15 - 20-minute consultation to go over the details of your campaign. 

All campaigns carry a setup and maintenance fee of $150 which is included in the total price. Campaigns may run for 3 days or, depending on the total ad budget. After the end of the initial 3-day campaign period, you'll be provided with performance stats. Once you view your stats you can decide whether to continue your campaign. If you choose to continue, you'll be required to provide a new budget. Once the new budget has been received, the campaign will be reactivated. 

Note - Your release also has to be clean with no profanity, nudity, or extreme violence in your video.  


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