Youtube Advertising Campaign Packages
Youtube Advertising Campaign Packages
Youtube Advertising Campaign Packages
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Youtube Advertising Campaign Packages
Load image into Gallery viewer, Youtube Advertising Campaign Packages

Youtube Advertising Campaign Packages

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Youtube ads are your best bet if your goal is to get your music heard because you only pay when your music gets heard. It's a Pay Per View system where Google charges you each time a user activates video playback. What it comes down to is how listeners feel about what they hear, and if you're confident in your work, that's a bet you'll take every time. 


We advertise ON YOUTUBE using Google's Advertising platform. Your video will run as a Display ad where it will appear beside videos users are watching on the Youtube Watch page. 


You're paying per view so it's a no-brainer that your video will get an increase in views so that's not our focus. Views are just a by-product of the quest for fans. It's the first step in the journey but we need to know more in order to determine how viewers feel about what they're watching. To do this, we look at key performance metrics such as the number of Subscribers, Video Likes, and Playlist additions earned. We also analyze the rates to see the percentage of viewers that Subscribed, Liked, or Playlisted as well as the cost of each action. This will help you to identify a target audience of viewers that are MOST LIKELY to become fans. 



Upon payment you'll receive an email requesting a few things: 

  • Link to your music video
  • Access to your Youtube channel for advanced tracking 

Once your campaign has been set up and to launch you'll receive a notification. Youtube has a review process where videos can take from 24 hours up to a week for approval. Upon approval, you'll be informed of your campaign's activation. 

You'll receive a 15 - 20-minute consultation to go over the details of your campaign. 

All campaigns start with an initial budget of $150 - included in your set up fee - and run for 3 days. After the end of the initial 3-day campaign period, you'll be provided with performance stats. Once you view your stats you can decide whether to continue your campaign. If you choose to continue, you'll be required to provide a new budget and then be invoiced for that amount. Once the new budget has been received, the campaign will be reactivated. 

Post Initial Campaign 

Maintenance fee: 20% of Ad spend - If your Ad budget is $1,000 your fee will be $200. Lower percentages can be arranged for larger budgets. 

$750 minimum monthly ad spend - Your monthly ad budget must be at least this much. 




Campaign Configuration

The custom Payusnomind Youtube ad Configurations have been proven to dramatically improve video performance. Not only do they drive views but they also result in playlist additions, Likes, Shares, and Subscriber growth. Videos we've run campaigns for have experienced increases in viewing activity not only during the campaign but months after from genuine fans. 

We understand how a campaign should be set up if an artist is looking for more than just views. 

Ad creation 

With Youtube video ads, you're charged per view so it's important that those views count. Users clicking to watch your video should have an interest in your style of music. It's not about quantity but quality and we set your ads up to drive traffic from users most likely to respond, not only through viewing but engaging. 


Every client is entitled to a phone consultation to discuss what they wish to accomplish with their campaign. We'll explain what will be done and what can be expected when. Whatever questions you have about what will be done will be answered. 





Campaign performance is analyzed to identify pathways for improvement. Once avenues for improvement are recognized, they will be applied. One age group, keyword group, or location may perform better than another. By viewing data through our proprietary data processing tools (Data-sheets), we identify key performance metrics and eliminate underperforming target groups. 

Optimization will help your campaign drive better results at lower rates. 


Ad segmentation 

By segmenting campaigns and targeting parameters into separate groups, performance in key areas can be examined. For example, we can see which audience is more likely to playlist a song or subscribe to your channel. This facilitates goal-orientated optimization strategies where we can eliminate groups unlikely to engage in specific ways. 

Without segmentation you cannot analyze the performance of individual groups in key metric areas like Playlist additions and Subscribers gained. 


Video & Channel optimization

Utilizing Youtube tools to increase video views across your entire channel, up-sell viewers to higher-priced items like merchandise, drive users to other platforms like Bandcamp or Spotify, etc. This feature will lead your viewers to more of your videos and help to drive traffic to stores and platforms outside of Youtube. 

Video & Channel optimization will allow you to use the campaign of one video to improve viewing performance for videos across your entire channel. 



Builds a contact list of everyone that watches your videos and engages (Likes, Playlists, Subscribes). It allows you to follow up and promote new material to pre-existing listeners. This works great for Pre-orders, Pre-saves, and Premiers that can set your future projects up for success before they've even been released. It also works for selling merchandise and concert tickets. 

 Remarketing decreases your advertising budget because you can get better results from reaching less people which means spending fewer dollars.  



You’ll be linked to a page configured to show a breakdown of campaign results utilizing my proprietary formulas. See Engagement rate, Subscriber rate, Playlist rate, etc. broken down by campaigns and ad groups. You will also be able to view the top-performing cities for your campaigns.



Note - Your release also has to be clean with no profanity, nudity, or extreme violence in your video.  Expected results: Between 3,000 - 5,000 Views from initial campaign budget. 


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