PUNM Visual Audio Players
PUNM Visual Audio Players
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Load image into Gallery viewer, PUNM Visual Audio Players

PUNM Visual Audio Players

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Facebook/Instagram charges you every time your ad appears. When your ad is a video, every time it appears it will auto-play on mute. Each muted auto-play of at least 3-seconds is counted as a view. Users must click to watch your video in order for audio to be activated. When it’s a music video, the user sees someone with a moving mouth and knows that the person is saying something. If they want to hear it, they need to activate audio so they click. What happens when you don't have a music video? 

You've probably already seen or even used some of the alternatives. The Apple Music or Spotify app screenshot of the song page. The trick where a part of the cover art is made to move in some kind of way. The one with the spinning record. Usually, audio is embedded in these files so they offer the possibility of your song being heard. The problem is, these tactics are more suited to attracting attention than getting users to click to listen. This is a result of the fact that they're highly likely to be confused as being animated images. 

 When you’re advertising, this is disastrous because you’re paying for visibility with a post unlikely to drive the desired result of getting people to listen to a clip of your song. Understand, Facebook/Instagram charges you every time your ad appears. If you're not generating clicks to view on an ad for your music, you're wasting your money. 

Visual Audio is an audio clip played through a faux audio player that informs viewers of the presence of audio. They’ve been proven to be as effective as music videos in advertising campaigns. Users see the play button, timer, and options to heart which are all common to most streaming platforms. They're familiar with the look and know what the symbols mean. This compel engagement with video as an audio player. Users will click the play button thinking it controls the video - it doesn't - but a click anywhere on the file will activate the audio.  




  • You must send an audio file and a compelling image - photo, cover artwork, etc. 
  • The image can be the cover art or a photo of the artist. Cover art cannot contain text that takes up more than 20% of the image. If so, we’ll be forced to use a photo of the artist.
  • Turn around time is 2 days.
  • You'll receive a download of your video in mp4 sent to your email.
  • You're entitled to 2 revision 

Contact if you have any questions or concerns: 

  • Email: payusnomind@gmail.com
  • Text: (929) 352-4926‬
  • https://m.me/payusnomind


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