Qutie Cat Sophisticats 1st Edition

Qutie Cat Sophisticats 1st Edition

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Qutie Cats is an art collection constructed around bedtime stories. Each cat and its wardrobe items were hand-drawn by my 12-year-old daughter after I asked her to come with images I could use to experiment with generative art. The night she created the pieces, my son requested a bedtime story which I usually make up on the spot. Out of ideas, I was able to use my daughter's images as inspiration which gave birth to the first Qutie Cat story "Sophisticats" https://medium.com/qutiecat/qutie-cat-sophisticats-1-3655d1be9158 

The goal is for Qutie Cats to inspire more dads to tell creative bedtime stories using each Cat as a springboard. The best stories will find their way to our Medium publication and, possibly, become part of the Qutie Cat children's book series.  

This NFT represents the cover art of the first story as well as commemorating its creation and birth of the Qutie Cat adventures. 


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