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Launchpad 🚀

Launchpad 🚀

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Location. Location. Location. Knowing where to build is just as important as how you build. The platforms and services you choose to use dictate the strategies you can apply. Pick the wrong distributor and end up in an exclusive agreement restricting you from putting your music on direct-to-fan platforms like Soundcloud. Build on the wrong social media network and find yourself with no access to your listeners where deciding to move on means leaving your fans behind and starting over. 

After reading this workbook, you'll be able to affordably build a fanbase and drive them to a platform that allows you to maximize the fact that you have one. We provide you with a simple and easy system you won't find challenging to implement. In addition to the workbook, you'll be given a 50% discount on consultations where you can set up calls to get one-on-one instruction on implementing everything in the workbook.

No need for discount codes, it's automatically applied when you add a consultation to your cart or make an order while signed in. 

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