Instagram Advertising Campaign
Instagram Advertising Campaign
Instagram Advertising Campaign
Instagram Advertising Campaign
Instagram Advertising Campaign

Instagram Advertising Campaign

Regular price $1,550.00 Sale price $3,500.00 Unit price per

Payusnomind's Instagram/Facebook advertising service creates custom campaigns optimized to drive results. We cover everything from promotional material to ad creation, management, and analysis. Our goal is for your campaign to be the catalyst that catapults you into a successful career as an artist. 


Facebook/Instagram Campaign creation & management: $500 Value

  • Campaign
  • Ad sets
  • Ads
  • Management

Promo Content: $50 value

Promotional Videos

We provide custom promo videos for your campaign that effectively drive traffic to music stores and streaming platforms. With you being charged per time your ad appears on Instagram, it's critical that your promo inspires users to take action rather than scroll past. Our custom video promos ensure your budget isn't wasted. No matter if you have an actual music video or just audio and cover art, we have you covered. 

Smart Links: $150

There's a lot misunderstood about Smart Links. Most artists view them as just a way traffic fans to multiple destinations using one. When equipped with tracking pixels and optimized to drive acquisitions, these simple pages can be a bridge to a profitable career. 

  • Set up
  • Optimization
  • Testing



Reports: $150 Value

We create custom reports for click activity as well as Spotify stats. These reports detail the immediate response to your ads as well as the total impact by analyzing Spotify data. 


 Daily Analysis: $150/hr value

Click activity doesn't tell the full story so we monitor Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for artists stats daily to ensure that campaigns are effective. 

  • Apple Music for Artists
  • Spotify for Artists
  • Amazon for Artists

  Consultation: $150/hr value

On-call throughout the week to discuss any campaign issues, answer questions, and generally provide any information that will be helpful to the development of your career. 

Note - Campaigns run for approximately 5 - 7 days.  



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