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Guide to Digital Distribution

Guide to Digital Distribution

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Find out everything you need to know about digital distributors. In-depth coverage allows you to make highly informed decisions determining which distributor should be trusted with your next release. See how the distributor you may be leaning toward stacks up to its competitors. Learn which distributors work best for artists at different career levels. 


Digital Distribution Reviews Contains:

  • CD Baby Review
  • Ditto Review 
  • Tunecore Review
  • Distrokid Review
  • ONErpm Review
  • United Masters Review 
  • RouteNote Review 
  • EmuBands Review 
  • Landr Review
  • Spinnup Review
  • Amuse Review
  • Songtradr Review
  • iMusician Review 
  • Horus Review 

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    What's covered in reviews: 

    • Pricing - Helps you understand the pricing of the distributor. This information can be straight forward but there are a few distributors where you're not sure what you're getting for the price. We sort it out. 
    • UPC & ISRC Codes - UPC codes & ISRC codes are important in the tracking of sales and identifying of your work online. Most provide them free, but not all. 
    • Accepted audio formats - Music fans pay a premium on services like Tidal Hi-Fi for Lossless audio. If a distributor accepts Mp3s and distributes to Tidal, they're misrepresenting your work. 
    • Stores - This is the reason for digital distribution and a lot of distributors try to distract from it by offering subpar promo tools. You want a distributor that will put your music everywhere fans might look. We tell you the number of stores each distributor gets you into. 
    • How They Pay - This is important information that often slips through the cracks. The impact of transaction fees are rarely assessed. We'll tell you how a distributor's transaction fees impact their price. 
    • Removal Policy - When it's over, wouldn't you like to just end it rather than have awkward conversations about why? Some distributors allow self-removal, others force you to contact them and request removal. Requesting removal can be a drag. 
    • Can you make additions and changes? - The preference is to not have to remove a release and lose everything you've built with it just to make a minor change. Most distributors don't allow this but some do. 
    • Promotion - It's not necessary for your distributor to provide promotional support because that's not what you're paying them to do. It's great when it's an option because it can help increase your sales performance. I'd say it should be a requirement if they're taking a percentage of your sales. Find out which distributors provide promotion and not just promotional tools - there's a difference! 
    • Youtube - There are a lot of ways a distributor can add your music to Youtube: Content Id, Youtube Music, Youtube MCN. Find out how each distributor does it. 
    • Extras - Beyond distribution, each distributor has additional services that sometimes come included in their packages. 
    • Wrap up - Here we give an overview providing critical analysis of each distributor's offer and giving options we think would be better, provided there are any.  

    What's covered in the Manuscript:

    • Can you use multiple distributors at the same time?
    • Switch distributors
    • Email Template
    • Distributor Policies
    • Content ID - Why your distributor is claiming your videos
    • Topic Channel - Why your song isn’t on your channel
    • Best distributor
    • Low Cost
    • Low Annual fee - Unlimited Distribution
    • Percentage based - No upfront fee
    • One Time Fee Per Release
    • One Time Fee Per Release + Percentage of sales
    • Annual Fee Per Release
    • Picking The Right Distributor

    Last updated: 04/15/2021

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