Guide to Advertising on Youtube

Guide to Advertising on Youtube

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A simple Google search and you'll find a ton of articles providing information on how you can advertise your music on Youtube. The problem with those articles is, they either come from artists that aren't marketers and don't fully understand the nuances of advertising, or they come from marketers that don't know much about music. When you advertise your music on Youtube, you pay per view so views are pretty much guaranteed. You could sleepwalk into views with Youtube ads. What you need is to learn how to drive ENGAGEMENT and set yourself up to take advantage of what Youtube ads can bring you. 

You probably want more views on your videos but I'm sure you also want more subscribers, likes, shares, and playlist additions as well. I'm sure you don't want your views to flatline after your ad campaign ends as well. This guide will show you how to use Youtube ads to build a fanbase on the platform. 

For years I've been advertising music videos for clients on Youtube helping to develop their channels and presence on the platform. Each artist I've worked with have not only seen their video view count increase but their subscribers, likes, shares, playlist additions, and views from searches. What I've found is a unique method of advertising on Youtube that drives valuable activity artists can build on. 

View more results of campaigns managed by Payusnomind:


You can also purchase a template of my ad configurations. With the template it'll kind of be like tracing as you'll simply mimic how I set up ad campaigns for my clients. Once you have the template, you can simply apply it to all current and future campaigns. 


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