Facebook Ads Template

Facebook Ads Template

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 This is a Template for Advertising on Facebook aimed at algorithmic infiltration. It's a system I've used to repeatedly help artists trigger the Spotify algorithm. My belief is that you should feel like you make great music and your ads should seek to find the people that agree with you. Triggering the algorithm gets Spotify to work finding more people that agree with you about the greatness of your music. 

Question. What Does Spotify Know that Social Media platforms don't? 

Social media platforms know what kind of content users like to engage with but not the type of music they love to stream. Some people engage with content from artists they rarely stream. The two are not synonymous. Spotify knows what songs their users save to their library, playlist, and stream repeatedly. That's information Social Media platforms don't have.  This positions Spotify to know what kind of songs and artists its users are most likely to enjoy. 

Algorithmic Playlists 

Spotify's Algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Daily Mixes, Artist Radio, etc. are geared toward aiding users in the discovery of new music and artists their listening history indicates they'll love.   

Targeted Free Promotion

Artists spend hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly on ads aimed at driving listeners. Triggering the algorithm means getting Spotify to do the work for you, for FREE! Every day your music will be pushed to users most likely to become fans and reinforced to pre-existing ones through Spotify's algorithm. 

Listener Perception

How people discover your music impacts their perception of it and you. Ads are great at building awareness but when you're not established people view you as struggling to bring attention to yourself. That perception impacts the kind of relationship they'll allow themselves to have with you and your music. There was an artist I knew as a viewer and I had checked their music out before on Soundcloud but I wasn't moved to action. When I woke up one day to see that artist featured on my Discover Weekly playlist, I Tweeted it. It just hit differently. It's like it elevated him above the other artists struggling to make it. 

Ads are a great way to introduce yourself to new listeners but you need to trigger the algorithm on platforms like Spotify so your music gets introduced to new listeners in a more impactful way. 

The goal of this Template is to provide something quick, simple (as simple as I can possibly make it), and immediately applicable. Anyone familiar with Facebook Ads Manager can dive right in and start optimizing their campaigns ASAP. 


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