Facebook Ads Self-Starter Package

Facebook Ads Self-Starter Package

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Change your music career in 6 Months with 3 Songs in the lead up to an EP or Album with a budget of $500 - $1K per Month. Improve your performance across multiple streaming platforms long-term. Position yourself to sell live performance tickets, physical products, features, and collect advances. 

We’ll completely optimize an ad account for you where you’ll be able to simply create your campaigns and hit go. Here's what's included: 

 +Ad Template - Follow my Ad campaign setup step by step. No advanced Facebook knowledge is needed. No need to take a Facebook course to apply the information.

+Optimized Smart Links  - We provide you with the most advanced Smart links on the market optimized to drive conversions and acquisitions. The links are thoroughly checked to make sure they're sending users to the correct destinations. Destinations are checked to ensure users can take the desired action once they arrive. Links are configured to automatically change the platforms and order of links in accordance with availability in targeted countries. For example, people in the US would see a link to Spotify first, people in China would see links to a Tencent platform.  

+Optimized pixels - Our pixels are pre-configured to collect all the data necessary for you to effectively drive results and follow up. Not only do we have a Facebook pixel but we also have pixels for Youtube, TikTok, and Snapchat. This allows you to run a campaign on TikTok targeting users that clicked to stream on Spotify from your Facebook ad campaign. 

+Support - Send a text or jump on a call and get help when you run into trouble. Get notified when we see opportunities that would help to take you to the next level and guidance on how to take advantage of those opportunities.  

+Audio widget (optional) - If you don't have video content to push on Facebook, we can create an audio widget you can use for your campaign. 

+Advanced Reports - See which sources are driving traffic to streaming platforms, which platforms your fans visit most, location, gender, age, and interest broken down by specific platforms and stores, and more. We even provide you with Full Viberate reports that detail your positioning within the global music industry. 

+Remarketing Lists (Optional) - If needed, we can assist with the creation of Remarketing lists across multiple ad channels. 

+Access to Payusnomind White papers - Get access to the Payusnomind Google Drive with White Papers that dive deep into music monetization platforms, digital distributors, royalty collection platforms, and more.  

All you’ll have to do is add your billing then follow the template to create and run your campaigns. 



1 Smart link per month 
3 Free service calls per month regarding your campaign 
Unlimited text support




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