Everything You're Owed - A guide to Music Royalty Collection

Everything You're Owed - A guide to Music Royalty Collection

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There's a lot of information out there on traditional royalty collection but digital music comes with its own set of complications and challenges. Youtube, for instance, is constructed in such a way where songwriters may not get any royalties depending on how their music finds its way to the platform. There are distributors that offer Publishing Administration services but aren't Publishing Administrators. There are Publishing Administrators that aren't digital distributors. Both claim to cover Youtube royalties but collect two separate kinds. As an artist, it can get a bit confusing trying to understand what royalties you're owed, who collects, where you need to register, etc. 

This is a comprehensive guide to royalty collection in the digital age and goes beyond just Publishing information. You'll find out how to make sure your royalties aren't getting lost in the shuffle by collectors, collaborators, and platforms. 



Some of what's Inside:


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