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Chat With Payusnomind


Set up a time and we can chat about whatever you want. 


Frequently asked questions

What happens if time runs out?

There's a 20-minute grace period and we never abruptly end calls. You'll be given the option to pay an additional fee to continue or schedule a follow-up.

What happens if the meeting starts late?

We understand how life gets in the way so there's no punishment for late arrivals. The meeting will simply be pushed to another time block or rescheduled for another time.

Can I bring a partner?

Other participants aren't restricted but keep in mind that questions from a 3rd party can reduce the amount of time committed to you. Also, we have a limit of plus one which makes you and one friend.




 I booked a consultation with PUNM it went very well.

He can actually save you money by guiding you on what social media platform

to advertise on etc.

 Rather than spending your money blindly on advertising.

He's extremely knowledgeable on marketing, advertising, and promotion, his

fee was worth every penny!




 Leveraging the insight of experts is always how I support my development. It’s beyond worth the mistakes it prevents and its power in team propels the plan, conserves energy & more.

 Gif with Pay Us No Mind is a powerful resource that I'm thankful to have access to. After consulting with him I'm left clear and confident, so I can make the right important career decisions I'm presently facing. Gif’s one of those mental geniuses that speaks my language of direct bottom line , grounded in whats in my best interest.

I look forward to learning more from him in the immediate future.

 I Obviously, HIGHLY RECOMMEND his services, Artists for Artists, there isn’t anywhere else I’d turn.

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