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News travels and your music can hitch a ride. Get promoted on Payusnomind content when we share information on Youtube and Social media. People love to share information, just as we do. Someone that discovers a tip online is likely to share with a friend. People are more attentive when they’re being informed on a relevant topic. Information captivates and holds attention. By having your music connected with our educational media you get more dedicated eyes on your brand. 


Search Engine Optimization – Backlinks

In order for your content to rank high in search results, it needs Backlinks. What are Backlinks?  They are links from an external website to your website which can also be a link to your socials, bio link, Spotify, etc. When someone searches for a term, Google and Youtube look to find what that person is most likely looking for and wants to make sure they’re sending them to the place they’re likely to find what they want. In order to do that, they look at websites linking to a particular website to determine the validity and value of that website. The more links to your content, the more valuable your content is considered to be. The greater the stature of the source of the link, the more valuable your content is considered to be. Your sponsorship will get you add value Backlinks from Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Brand Awareness – The Rule of 7

The Rule of 7 is a marketing principle that states that a customer that engages with a brand at least 7 times is more likely to earn the trust and business of that customer. I know for me, if I hear the same song at least 3 times it’s in my head. Walking around, it’ll just pop in there no matter how I feel about it: love, hate, or indifference. The big thing is that with music, the artist is the brand! You get booked for a show, they put your name on the marquee, if people don’t know your name, nobody buys tickets. Your face and name get put on flyers, posters, etc. if nobody knows your face, those tools are ineffective. Consistently reinforcing your face and name in the minds of consumers works to help establish your brand. Your sponsorship helps to consistently reinforce your brand to users across Youtube and Social.


With brand awareness comes traffic because curious people will investigate to learn more. People familiar with the brand that may have not engaged previously may become compelled to take the next step and find out what the brand is actually about. We’ve all come across something on Instagram, told ourselves we’d come back to it, and forgot. Being re-engaged can make us say “Oh, I was meaning to check that song out” and go stream on Spotify or Apple Music.

Content Stays Up FOREVER

Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year people will run searches and discover our content and be exposed to your brand. Social media users will share posts introducing them to new audiences and exposing your brand. Unlike an ad, circulation doesn’t stop once you stop the ad campaign. We won’t delete videos or remove posts. 

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