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Should You Monetize Smart Links? 🤔

How The Soup is Made Advertisers pay websites and platforms like Spotify a set amount per thousand times their ad appears. The price could be...

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Should You Monetize Smart Links? 🤔

How The Soup is Made Advertisers pay websites and platforms like Spotify a set amount per thousand times their ad appears. The price could be...

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Monetizable Smart Links


Our Monetized Smart Link service allows you to turn your streaming directories into a revenue source while driving engagement and fan acquisition. You pay a one-time fee and the link is yours forever.

No More Broken links and Error Pages

With our White Glove service, you provide us with a single link to your track on Spotify or Apple Music along with a few other details. We handle locating the correct links for your tracks across all other platforms. No more broken links and error pages.

Write up

We provide each track with a brief write-up you can use for press clippings to display social proof.


Reward visitors with points for taking actions like joining your mailing list or sharing your track to social media. Allow them to use those points to unlock free downloads and whatever you can dream up. Every new track you share becomes an opportunity to earn and unlock more rewards. You can even use our NFT creation service to supply fans with badges representing their level of support.

Here’s how it Works:

Register with Payusnomind Music – Free to create an account – so all your releases can be attributed to you.

After Purchase and Checkout, you’ll be directed to a page with a form where you can input the information for your release. On this page, you’ll also find a link to register with Stripe to receive payouts for the revenue driven by traffic to your page. Our payments and the payment information you submit are completely handled by Stripe.

Once your link is ready, we’ll notify you through email with a link to track the performance of your page.

You will be notified by email when you have a payment distribution ready for collection.



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