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Understanding The Point of The Fan First System

Let’s break down the problems artists face marketing their music by looking at some of the components of marketing online.


In marketing, a Lead is someone with the potential to become a customer. It can be people that have interacted with your brand or people that are in the market for a product you sell. You have Cold Leads, Warm Leads, and Hot Leads. Imagine you’re an Insurance company. A Cold Lead would be someone in the market for insurance where they’re shopping around but aren’t aware of your offer or are aware but haven’t shown much interest. A Warm Lead would be someone that is familiar with your offer, they may have seen a commercial, or online ad, or heard about it through word-of-mouth, and they have a degree of interest in your offer. A Hot Lead is someone that is ready to buy but may be waiting for money to come in or a certain time to follow up.


Algorithms on streaming platforms like Spotify function like parental controls where they restrict access to content they deem unworthy of a user’s attention. These algorithms are guided by user activity where the more someone streams a particular artist or style of music, the more of that artist or style of music will be served to them by the algorithm. The stronger the engagement actions, the more intense the push will be for a particular artist or song. If someone streams an artist repeatedly, saves their music, playlists their music, and follows them on Spotify they’ll be considered a fan and served things like a “This is” playlist. A “This is” playlist exclusively features an artist’s top-performing tracks. The artists will also be plugged into any relevant algorithmic playlists the user streams. Conversely, when users take negative actions such as skipping a track, hiding the track in playlists, or not engaging with it, opposite results are driven. The song gets demoted on the platform and only the people actively seeking it out can find it.

Additionally, algorithmic playlists are constructed around user behavior. If a listener streams artist A and artist B they grow an association and whoever streams artist A on Spotify will be recommended artist B. The more those artists are streamed in the same listening sessions and placed on the same playlists, the deeper the connection. This is where “Fans Also Like” comes from. When Spotify can’t make a connection between artists, it doesn’t know where to send recommendations which can result in no recommendations being made or bad ones, which is worse because it can result in negative actions.


Clean and Dirty Data

Due to algorithmic impact, it’s critical to keep your data clean. When artists run Facebook campaigns aimed at driving traffic to Spotify and do other promotions that drive Cold Leads to streaming platforms, it’s counterproductive. Though it may seem otherwise due to the increase in streaming activity these tactics can generate. What happens is they win the battle to get more streams, while losing the war to get more fans. Fan acquisition is the true value of streaming platforms. Take radio for example, it provides exposure but it’s broadly targeted to everyone listening to particular genres like Hip Hop & R&B or Top 40 radio. Streaming platforms have a laser-like focus on exactly who will positively respond to your music and the ability to deliver your music to them. Dirty data, a.k.a Cold Leads, undermines the process and the value.

Fans First

You have what’s called a Customer Funnel which are the steps of Lead acquisition. In no particular order, those steps are:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Conversion
  • Retention

The plan is to cultivate Hot Leads that can be leveraged for conversions in the form of sales, as well as traffic to streaming platforms that can drive clean data that will result in deep and profound algorithmic infiltration.

  • Lead generation – Awareness
  • Lead nurturing – Engagement
  • Conversion – Warm Leads converted to Hot Leads which then can be converted to customers
  • Retention – Maintaining the Warm Leads, Hot Leads, and customers

You have multiple options so you can start where you like and grow from that point. Purchase the full bundle or individual parts.

Bundle Includes:

  • Strategy guide
  • Facebook ads templates
  • Youtube ads templates
  • Spotify Direct ads templates
  • Ad option analysis
  • Video Tutorials & Walkthroughs
  • Playlist Push optimization strategy
  • Monetization Tips
  • Free consultation and support
  • Discounts on future related guides
  • Short URL analysis
  • Smart URL analysis
  • List of all websites and platforms to register with



Individual purchases will unlock access to a single Google doc. Bundle purchases will unlock access to a Google Drive folder containing multiple docs with more to be added.  


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