Should You Pay for Fake Youtube Views?


Popularity on Youtube is important to the success of an artist’s career. Is the appearance of popularity just as good as actual popularity? When people visit your video on Youtube and see thousands of views it does effect their perception of you. The thing is, if you’re buying fake Youtube views because you can’t get real people to watch your video who are you impressing?

You want to impress blogs so they’ll cover you but how are you going to get them to open your emails?

There are companies selling fake everything from fake Soundcloud plays to fake Youtube views and they’re not at all discreet about it. They send emails, they spam the comment section on Youtube videos, and they send spam Tweets. They do this blindly to anybody with an account on any social media platform. EVERYONE knows there’s a possibility your Youtube views can be fake so people don’t take them at face value. All it does initially is arouse suspicion. It makes people want to investigate – if they even care to take it that far. They look through your comments, they check your Facebook page, they check your Twitter, they Google you. If what you have going on elsewhere doesn’t reflect what your number of Youtube views people put two and two together and you get exposed.

Even if they’re impressed by the fake Youtube views it doesn’t make them like the song. All they do is say “wow that many people like this song?” and keep it moving unless they know you. If they know you then congratulations are in order. The misconception is that people respond to numbers but what people respond to is buzz and momentum. When there’s a lot of chatter and people keep hearing about an artist they respond with interest. When they log-in to Facebook and everyone in their network seems to be talking about an artist they respond with interest. No buzz or momentum, no interest. You can use fake views to inflate your buzz or momentum but you can’t use them to create buzz or momentum.

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  1. Im an independent artist by the name of thareallion….I checked out your vid and u make good points about…what to do on gettting youtube views…and wonting to try out your program on how to get real views and likes..


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