This is a partnership program where you can have Payusnomind join your team and work with you to help build your music business. We provide the tools and knowledge necessary to construct and sustain a thriving music career. 

First, let me say we are a data focused company because knowledge is power! As a music business, it's important to understand how your music is being discovered, which platforms are working best at driving activity, where to market, and who to target with promotional campaigns. Pretty much all music platforms provide what I like to call "dummy data" it's information that isn't not actionable. Spotify for artists can tell you your streaming activity is coming from a city in Canada but that's all its looking at, total streams. What it doesn't inform you of, is whether those listeners enjoy what they're hearing. Following that data could lead you to create a concert in a city where the people that heard your song only streamed it for 30-seconds before skipping. Imagine putting together a show in a city in a whole other country only to find you have no fans there 😮 Through the usage of our tools and analytics, we can identify where your fans are and not just the people that happen to listen. 

Promotion is the 2nd most important part of success besides having great music and it's where most artists struggle. That's why members can schedule strategy sessions to develop customized marketing plans for individual releases and monthly health checks to review progress and establish new goals. We also provide you with optimized Smart links and audio widgets for your tracks so you have the promotional material you need to effectively market and get your music out there. Learn more about the benefits of membership below. 

All Live streams are archived two days after broadcast where they are only viewable to Members. Deep dives, profiles on exciting new tools and services, digital distribution reviews of lesser known companies, and tutorials are also exclusive to members. 


Visual Audio is an audio clip played through a faux audio player that informs viewers of the presence of audio. They’ve been proven to be as effective as music videos in advertising campaigns. Users see the play button, timer, and options to heart which are all common to most streaming platforms. They're familiar with the look and know what the symbols mean. This compels engagement with video as an audio player. Users will click the play button thinking it controls the video - it doesn't - but a click anywhere on the file will activate the audio.


Smart link urls are known as a central place you can send fans to be trafficked to the streaming platform or music store of their choice. What's overlooked is the ability of Smart link urls to completely transform your marketing by providing priceless fan data. We supply Smart link urls that come equip with tracking pixels and ready made target audiences to give you a head start with your ad campaigns and performance tracking. Understanding who's clicking your links is powerful on its own but we also have the ability to tell you whether those clicks are translating to streams and sales which can keep you from wasting your budget on ineffective marketing. 


Reports help you keep track of everything from organic Instagram posts and Facebook ads to your Youtube videos and ads. Go deeper than surface stats and gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn't. Find your target audience and improve your marketing. Every Pro Plus partner is provided with Reports for the platforms of their choice. 

  • Facebook/Instagram Advertising
  • Organic Instagram/Facebook traffic
  • Organic Youtube performance
  • Spotify performance
  • Google Ads for Youtube
  • Google Analytics


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