Where's the Love?

The first thing we need to do is identify who loves the music and you as an artist. People labor for What they love so we have to provide people obstacles to overcome in order to prove their love.


  • Click-throughs to Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
  • Save & Follows
  • Email Sign-up


Release Demos to Soundcloud & Youtube. Create visuals for the audio that don't show the artist's face.

What this accomplishes:
Allows us to identify who's a fan of the musical style with minimal impact from negative reactions. 


  • Advertise the music on Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube to develop Remerketing lists.
  • Leverage Pre-existing fans for Pre-saves & pre-orders.
  • Create a Similar Audience list from Remarketing lists.
  • Push official single to Remarketing lists & similar audience lists.
  • Utilize Boosts, Promoted Tweets, and Promoted Instagram posts to stay in the consciousness of pre-existing fans.


Smart Links - [Sample] https://pwise.lnk.to/ShurgA 

This video details the impact targeted advertising can have on the performance of your music on streaming platforms using Spotify as an example. Though we focus on Spotify here, all platforms have similar algorithms where this strategy is just as effective.


While a number of platforms provide Smart Links, they don't all provide the same level of data. We use a Smart Link provider that allows us to attribute streaming activity to sources like Facebook promotional campaigns, Twitter campaigns, etc.

  • Creation
  • Optimization
  • Pixel Integration
  • Remarketing

Google analytics: $4K

Provides us with the ability to data-mine and gain a deeper understanding of who the fans are. We can analyze their interests, buying habits, device types, cable providers, etc.

  • Integration with all platforms and webpages where it’s possible.
  • Optimization
  • Analysis
  • Reports

Platforms where ads will be placed

  • Facebook/Instagram: $5K
  • Youtube: $5K
  • Twitter: $5K
  • TikTok: $1.2K
  • Snapchat: $1.2K
  • Spotify: $1.2K
  • Soundcloud: $1.2K


  • Ad Creation
  • Management
  • Analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Remarketing list creation & deployment 

Tools & Other Services: $1K

  • Promo Videos
  • Audio Widgets
  • Email client set-up
  • Ecommerce set-up