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Onerpm Music Distribution – Buyers Guide


About Onerpm Music Distribution Service

Visit Onerpm: https://bit.ly/3NnFuam

Onerpm music distribution is owned and operated by the indie label Verge Records International. The thing that’s most attractive about Onerpm is the lack of upfront costs. Artists don’t have to pay anything upfront to use Onerpm and instead pay a percentage of revenue. I’m not a fan of percentages because you often end up getting punished for success rather than rewarded. What it comes down to is whether the level of service changes when you earn more and with Onerpm, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

What Onerpm offers is a host of services for semi-established artists which comes with its own negotiated rates likely higher than their standard distribution rate. As a developing artist, there’s nothing about the service that changes with your performance. Generating zero streams per month would get you the same level of service as generating 100K streams per month, but you’d go from paying zero dollars annually to paying $540 annually.

You’ll see this line repeated often if you read more of these music distribution reviews of mine, but free distribution is somewhat of a trap. I can say Onerpm is a good starter distributor because it’s free and if you don’t earn anything, you don’t pay anything. At the same time, by the time you get to earn enough where their fees grow to be significant, you may have distributed so many releases you’d rather eat the fee than take the time to pack up and go. I can’t say Onerpm is a bad distributor, but if you make $10K annually, you’d end up paying $1.5K for distribution. There is nothing that Onerpm is doing at that number that would be different from what something like Tunecore would. Tunecore charges are as low as $15 annually. Paying $1.5K when you could be paying $15 for, arguably, the same service makes absolutely no sense.

Additionally, they take a pretty big chunk of your Youtube Content ID revenue at 30%. Video distribution is offered for free to a limited number of platforms including Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music, but Onerpm takes a whopping 50% of revenue.

There’s also a Red Flag with Onerpm’s artist agreement granting them exclusive distribution rights. This means you can’t distribute your releases with any other distributor. Maybe you’re cool with the 15% music distribution fee, but not the 50% video distribution fee. Instead of using Onerpm for video distribution, you want to use another company like Verseone distribution which charges 15%. You wouldn’t be able to do that under Onerpm’s terms. Adding to it, if a record company wanted a song you used Onerpm to distribute, it would really complicate things.

Onerpm Music Distribution Service Details

PriceNo upfront fee
PercentageKeep 85%
New StoresIncluded
Transaction Fees*Paypal: 2.9%

Onerpm doesn’t disclose whether it passes on transaction fees or not. It actually doesn’t mention transaction fees at all. We know both their payment providers – Tipalti and Paypal – charge transaction fees but Onerpm doesn’t feel it’s necessary to address this.

Additionally, Onerpm delivers your royalties in the currency of the location where they were earned. You end up with your revenue split between multiple currencies. You can have Paypal convert the currencies to USD for you, but it’s not disclosed whether that comes with additional fees.
Payment Threshold* None

Though there is no Payment threshold to receive your funds through Paypal, there is a threshold for Tipalti. You must earn a minimum of $200 before you can request to withdraw funds through Tipalti.

Transfers directly to your bank account are only offered to high-earning artists.
Youtube Content ID*Included 
+30% of Revenue 
Split PayYes – Free
Cancelation/Failure to PayRelease Stays in stores unless removed by you
Sync LicensingNo
Taxes*Subject to Tax Treaties 

Onerpm is subject to US Tax treaties, meaning they must withhold 30% of revenue from users located in countries without a Tax treaty with the US government. They’re also required to withhold 30% for artists that have failed to provide tax information in general. 
Red Flags*Yes

The distribution with Onerpm is exclusive



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