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Damage Is Made


Feat. UL

“Damage is Made” by Madspitter is a gritty portrayal of the harsh realities of street life. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of violence, betrayal, and survival in the urban jungle. Madspitter’s raw delivery and intense imagery capture the essence of struggle and resilience in the face of adversity. With its hard-hitting verses and powerful hooks, this track offers a gripping narrative that demands attention. It’s a testament to Madspitter’s skill as a storyteller and his ability to convey the harsh truths of the streets through his music.


[Verse 1]
They will damage your rib cage feeling the rage
When you’re feeling real brave, welcome to the streets of rage
Where enemies ended up baracaved, they’ve been living the days
Where fake courage left them a Stray
Like getting on ig and showing all of their money today
Thought they were attracting the bitches, but ended up
Getting the stitches when they did it
Plus snitching on their own self the police needed no help
As the enemies appear in the dark streets to spark heat
Within a heartbeat yelling fuck peace
Man this is our beef, this is the worst night of your life
Meeting the boogeyman tonight or however you wanna call it
Because I don’t believe in the grin reaper hype
All that I know is if you start the trouble
You’re gonna buckle after the rumble
And watch your whole dissier tumble
As you you fumble, it’s a cold wired jungle
When bullets come in a wired bundle
You fueled the fire double. Now you are tested
Like you’re in a steiner tunnel
Nobody is giving a fuck when the streets is shriveling up,
Bitterting up, and killing it up, man this poverty shit sucks

They will damage your rib cage feeling the rage
When you’re feeling real brave, explode your stomach like a hand grenade
And a twelve gage the damage is made
This cycle continues like how the spiral continues
When the rivals continue having murderers yelling what’s on the menu
The damage is made at a fast pace and at a fast rate
And it’s kind of a challenge to get up out of a place
Where it’s not safe, ducking from gunshots
They’ve been shootin a lot, it’s been getting stupid a lot
It’s time to move up out the spot!

[Verse 2]

Automatics are spittin and rippin and automatically hittin the victim
It’s a tragedy to see the system in calamity ,but the script was written
The whole perfect setup it’s like somebody put their bet up like “who is the top fall guy of them all?”
I bet you they will go hog tie them all, they done lost their damn minds
All I’m seeing is nothing but landmines
The murder traps have you heard of that, they’re gonna further that
So get further back as they further attack the hard-working
When it’s not working, they in my proximity path feeling the wrath
Feeling real mad, should I grab my rifle and blast
To defend my ass from the trash
They’re outside screaming like some heathens getting high
Wanna attack anybody hallucinating all night
Having me sleep disturbed hearing all of their cuss words
Having me toss and turn dreaming about making that burner burn
I caught a burglar in the mist taking a shit in front of my barbecue pit
So I’m making him suffer like this

Damaged Is Made – Credits

Songwriter(s):Madspitter Producer(s):Madspitter Engineer(s):Madspitter Graphic Designer:Madspitter Photographer(s):Madspitter