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This long anticipated pressing of Cavalier’s ‘Private Stock’ sold out on its launch campaign. Now for a limited time we have the overages from this debut pressing available for purchase. Get your hands on this artifact before they are sold out again. “Holla Kid” Remix prod. by @stlndrms and other remixes available exclusively on the vinyl and accompanying digital download


Baby it depends
She asked if the cycle will ever end
If it’s out of spite that despite so many tries
We can’t decide on if it’s on or off or better dead
Baby it depends
I’m trynna wrap my head around how we tight with loose ends
The night we tried to share advice when we was bent
I’m complicated some shit you won’t comprehend
Who’s obligated and when
We arguing over who started it for we forgive and forget
I’m mad when you swear you mad cuz I swear I’m the shit
But it depends
Baby I smell your skin
I could taste it inside the wind
Spot your face in a pile of gems
I sparked an eighth the other night to reminisce
Mistakenly on my mistakes justification for what this is
But it depends if there’s amends or maybe friends
Baby it depends

Why do I have to choose
Between losing you or to my pursuits
Shadow boxing my ego bruised neither option seems opportune
Without you my mattress is a cell rocking the extra room
I can’t find the right spot to lay watching the waning moon
How do you choose
The same cues that got you actin a fool
Was exactly the same things you claimed you was attracted to
Our mirror’s fractured empty now our glass is half full
My cup runneth over with passion
But absence is like a dessert arid
Extra dry I can’t cry at what’s apparent
That point is mute
I know you’d rather me snap point and shoot
But as you would say that ain’t cute
Mechanism on defense you askin’ me what just happened
I’m like baby it depends
Or maybe we can make amends
Baby it depends


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