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N8 – God (Supreme Mathematics)

Feat.The Deity Complex

About N8 – God (Supreme Mathematics)

N8’s song “God (Supreme Mathematics)” is an art piece filled with profound, resonating lyrics that reference an eclectic mix of musical and spiritual cultural influences. N8 brings listeners on a journey through conscious storytelling and spiritual awakening with his masterful flow and hypnotizing beats. The song’s strength lies in its ability to evoke emotion and contemplation through its vibrant lyrical work, and uplift the energy of the listener with its powerful messages of inner strength and faith. This track is definitely worth a listen for fans of spiritual, conscious rap.

Lyrics – N8 – God (Supreme Mathematics)

He didn’t have to do it
He didn’t have to do it

Oh my God on the seventh day I didn’t rest
I ate and put the rest away
They say that I’m a savior your tomorrows are my yesterdays
So let us pray
A holy war is just a test of faith 
Come off of your collection plate

Oh My God

I levitate for heaven’s sake
Make a fake reverend faint
If weapons formed against me then the those weapons break
Like breakdancing to the record so the record straight
I sense a plague
You feel it in the air
It’s like pepper spray
Put pep in your step
Nigga step away
Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin play you better praise

Oh My God

The God principle
Compound star chemical
The genie in the bottle washed the biggest Shark in the pool
Stream of consciousness
Might fiend my dominance
Light Beam for targeting

Oh My God

Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem before the near sighted
Fear what the mirror sees
Self-reflections mirror me
me amore
Can’t be in Heat in the heat of war don’t be whore

Oh My God

Masters of the universe
Universal laws that renew the Earth
The gravity of human birth
the fall Of mankind is the truth that hurts
Steel cage trap falling how you break through the curse

Oh My God

Manifest Destiny Manischewitz wine on a registry
Beetle Juice helps a nigga let it be
Long legged legacy
Got a pedicure for the pedigree
Born aware
Born again
Better me
Bad boy turned good fella no felony
Still getting celery back home at the ranch dip with the cheddar cheese
Swiss would be better please
This how we settle beef

Oh My God

Credits – N8 – God (Supreme Mathematics)

Producers: The Deity Complex Songwriters: Nathaniel C. Gasque, Eric Cohen, Brian Henry, Reginald Howard Engineer: Photographer: Director: Graphic Designer: TreZure Empire