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I Wonder


“I Wonder” by Gif is a thought-provoking journey into existential questions and societal issues. Through poignant lyrics, Gif delves into the complexities of life, from the nature of beauty to the purpose of existence. He tackles societal injustices, cultural identity, and human behavior with profound introspection. The song’s introspective tone encourages listeners to ponder the deeper meanings behind life’s mysteries and challenges them to confront uncomfortable truths. Gif’s poetic delivery and profound insights make “I Wonder” a compelling and reflective piece of music.


I wonder
What is beauty to a blind man?
What are words to a deaf man?
What are the thoughts of a dead man?
What’s life without living?
What’s freedom to a man in prison?
What’s money’s worth?
I wonder…
What’s the reason we were put on this earth?
What if we were told the reason at birth
Couldn’t say it and couldn’t spell it
And the dent between our nose and lips
Came from when GOD took his fingers and said
Don’t tell it
If we’ll ever get paid what’s owed to us
Wonder if there’s a hell
Man, I wonder if heavenly gates are closed to us
Wonder why man walk and birds fly
Wonder if rain is tears of pain
That falls from the clouds when the sky cry
I wonder
If we ever really die
Wonder if life’s a lie
I wonder if death is the truth
And we fear death
because lies hurt less than the truth
I wonder

I wonder if death and sleep is the same
love and pain is the same
I wonder what’s GOD’S real name
I wonder
why black people could never get over
Cause we keep pulling each other under
I wonder
With all these foundations
Collecting billions in donations there’s still hunger
I wonder

Are people truly lost
How could we curse a gun
And bow to a cross
When they both are instruments of death
How we go to church
Pray for the best
Clutching a symbol that has such a heinous definition
Wonder if they see
Where in the bible does god say use this to praise me
I wonder
Deep in your heart my friends
Do you praise Jesus out of love
Or for the fact he died for your sins
I wonder
Think so hard
What if Christ’s killers
Were devil worshipers, and with no regard
Sacrificed Christ to the symbol of satan
As a slap in the face to God
I wonder
If cancer, homosexuality, and AIDS
Aids crusade for people utilizing its role
As a form of population control
I wonder
If racism and classism role
Is to keep us fighting to get fucked as a whole
I wonder
Why Black people so threatened by Black people
And want to be anything rather than Black people
But perpetrate as if they so proud to be Black people
And black people aint got nothing but Black people
That perpetrate that we lack tact and pack lethal
And that’s lethal

I Wonder – Credits

Songwriter(s):Gif Producer(s):Gif, ShawtieRoc Graphic Designer:Gif Director: Gif, ShawtieRoc


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