Management Program

Management Program 

The management program isn’t a set of tools or features, it’s a partnership between you and Payusnomind. With hundreds of free video content on Youtube covering everything from distribution options to royalty collection and marketing, we’ve established a reputation for providing quality information. The music industry isn’t one size fits all, some artists are allergic to the food others can eat and require a custom meal. This program allows artists unparalleled access to our brain trust.

Call or text any time to discuss strategy, and ideas, or get feedback on new music. Schedule dates for consultation whenever you need support. Request analysis, ad management support, and more. We’re here to help you grow and build by providing access to affordable information specific to your unique circumstance.

As a partner, you’ll have my direct phone number to call and text. You’ll also receive a link to my personal calendar to book chats whenever you need to talk.

Getting the most out of the program – Here are a few things that will help get the most out of the program. None of these are required, just good to have if you have them.

  • Have releases ready to drop
  • Media like quality photos, videos, and graphics.
  • A marketing budget of $300 or more for advertising and promotion.