Making money on Soundcloud with Routenote


Routenote offers Soundcloud monetization on tracks you have available for sale in their music store. Your songs MUST be available for sale in their store in order to be monetized on Soundcloud.

How to get set up:

In your artist dashboard on Routenote, you’ll find a Soundcloud tab. The Soundcloud page provides information on how to monetize your tracks. First, you have to submit your Soundcloud profile for review. After 24-48 hours your channel will be approved and you can start monetizing tracks.

The Details:

It takes 14 days for a track to be monetized through Routenote. Once you have a track monetized you’ll gain access to other Soundcloud features through Routenote, such as:

Unlimited uploads – You get unlimited uploads like a Pro account but it’s not a Pro account so you don’t get access to advanced stats. If you want advanced stats you still have to pay to become a Soundcloud Pro member.

Featured profiles – Allows you to feature other profiles in your Soundcloud header. Great for labels and artist collectives.

Track visuals – allows you to skin your audio players with graphics like your album cover, etc.

Clickable Banners – With clickable banners, you can link to your music in iTunes, Spotify, etc. in your Soundcloud banner. This provides more prominent placement than the description box on your streams or the tiny “buy” button.

How much they charge:

Routenote takes 15% of your Soundcloud revenue.

Soundcloud earnings, royalties, and sales reports are added 45 days after the end of each month. Stats in the Routenote dashboard allow you to keep track of your Soundcloud streams and earnings.

Other features include:

  • Free UPC barcodes and ISRC codes.
  • Free removal – If you decide you want to part ways with Routenote you simply send them an email asking for your tracks to be removed.

Join Routenote:


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