Making money on Soundcloud with Repost


Repost looks like the cream of the crop as far as Soundcloud monetization goes. It’s what they do. They’re not a digital distribute that offers Soundcloud monetization. They’re a Soundcloud Network that offers digital distribution.

They have high standards, requiring a minimum of 7,000 streams per upload to join. You also have to be uploading regularly and have an account in good standing. Good standing I’m assuming means you don’t have strikes for copyright infringement.

Repost states that it supplies you with a dedicated content manager. Someone that can help you create a content strategy and help promote your music. This is also the person you will have to contact with any concerns or questions. Basically, this is your account manager.

You choose which songs you want to monetize but pretty much anything on your Soundcloud page is fair game. Just make sure not to monetize unauthorized remixes, covers, etc.

They take 30% of your Soundcloud revenue. Payments are sent out on the last calendar day of the month. It takes 60 days for you to receive your first payment. You must also be owed at least $100 to receive your first payout. Repost pays through Paypal.


Content ID – Tracks down unauthorized uploads, monetizes them, and pays you the revenue they generate.

Clickable banner – link to iTunes, Spotify, etc. in your Soundcloud banner

Unlimited uploads – Joining the Repost network gets you upgraded to an unlimited account. An unlimited account is kind of like a Pro account minus advanced stats. If you want advanced stats you’re still going to have to pay to upgrade on Soundcloud.

Free ISRC codes – Used for Content ID

Helps get tracks removed – If you find out that somebody uploaded your music without your permission, Repost will help you get it taken down.

Track Art – They allow you to skin your audio player with artwork. You have to email your graphic file to someone at Repost.

Promoted Tracks – Promoted tracks are basically audio ads that hang-out at the top of user’s’ music stream. They’re the best way to get your tracks heard in Soundcloud. The price tag though…whew, 2K – 5K

On Site live chat – There’s an on site live chat so you can easily access a representative whenever you have a question.


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