How to Make Money on Soundcloud


How to make money on Soundcloud has been a burning question for a lot of artists for a long time. For just as long a time there hasn’t been an answer, until now. With Soundcloud launching Go and becoming a streaming platform artists are now allowed to monetize their music on the platform.

How artists monetize

Soundcloud allows artists to monetize their music as part of a program called Premier. Users have to be invited to Premier. If you haven’t been invited to the Premiere program you can still find your way into the program through Premier Partners.

Soundcloud Networks

Premier Partners are essentially Soundcloud Networks. We’ve talked about Youtube Multi-Channel Networks on Payusnomind before. Just like you have Youtube Multi-Channel Networks, there are Soundcloud Networks. You can join a Soundcloud Network to monetize your music.

Joining the program through a network means you can collect royalties from ad-supported free streams and premium streams by paid subscribers. Also, similar to Youtube, Soundcloud has a Content ID system so you’ll earn revenue from unauthorized uploads as well.

How Soundcloud Pays

Soundcloud pays artists in a manner that’s similar to Spotify. Artists earn a percentage of revenue based on their percentage of the total number of streams.

Some Soundcloud Networks offer more than others like unlimited uploads, featured banners, and promotion. So far I know of 4 companies doing Soundcloud monetization:

  • Routenote –  Tracks have to also be available for sale on Routenote
  • OneRPM – More difficult than it should be
  • Repost – Minimum 7,000 streams per upload
  • Symphonic – coming soon…


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