How To Get Music On Blogs: What's In It for the Blog?


Want to know how to get music on Blogs? Ever asked yourself what’s in it for the Blog?  Blogs make money from ads, they get ads from traffic, and they get traffic from their content.  One of the leading ways to generate traffic to a website is through search engines like Google, etc. There’s this thing called “Keywords” which is a term used for what people type into a search box. When someone searches for a term/ keyword in Google and a blog uses that term/Keyword in its post it’s likely to come up in the search results. The more accurately the site’s content matches the search query the higher the rank and the more likely it is to get the traffic.

As an example, the keyword “Rick Ross” generates 2,240,000 global searches per month. These searches are people/potential traffic looking for Rick Ross for one reason or another. This provides the incentive for a blog to commit to posting anything related to Rick Ross and any other artists that generate comparable search numbers. The more traffic a blog receives the more money it can command for ads, and the more revenue it can generate.

When a blog posts music by artists that don’t generate traffic, either through search engines or by other means, it’s like dedicating prime floor space in a store to a product that nobody’s interested in. Where many artists have got it twisted is in thinking that Blogs make unknown artists known. I’d beg to differ. I think most blogs feature artists that are known but may not be known by the people that read their blog or songs from known artists that their audience may not be aware of. For a Blog to feature an unknown artist that doesn’t have a preexisting fan base it would constitute as a charitable donation to the unsigned community. Something tells me very few of the major Blogs are into making charitable donations to the unsigned community.

Some Blogs offer a compromise. They require or encourage/ require relatively unknown artists to secure an industry feature on their project. Get a name they recognize but more importantly, a name that pops up frequently in search engines and drives traffic. Other Blogs will only accept submissions through PR companies. If material is submitted through a PR company, based on the reputation of the company, a good assumption can be made that it will be receiving coverage elsewhere and have a higher possibility of generating traffic. There are PR companies and PR people that represent larger artists. They have relationships with media outlets where they feed exclusive songs, interviews, concert tickets, etc. to particular spots. To continue to receive the exclusives and maintain the relationship, media outlets will feature an unknown artist the company/person is pushing. This is pretty much the standard for major blogs.

There are Blogs that are committed to exposing unknown artists they feel have talent. The problem is, there are a lot of artists out there and music is perceptive so there are a lot of people that think a lot of it is really good music. It’s easier to get coverage on these types of blogs but it’s also easy to find your post buried under 10 other posts within a few hours.
How do you get on a Blog, pay for it. Ha, ha, ha, nah but seriously, pay for it! Pay for an industry feature. Pay for production from an established producer. Pay a PR company. Make friends with somebody that has good relationships with the blogs and will be willing to reach out on your behalf or get hot!


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