How do 'you' handle criticism?


Some artists love it, some can’t cope with it. But not only artists deal with criticism. Your mother-in-law has issues with how you feed your new born. The neighborhood know it all and self-proclaimed ‘grill-master’ suggests you stack charcoal in a ‘diamond’ formation instead of the ‘typical’ pyramid method. It’s inevitable, people will have a comment about almost every single thing you do in life. The question is, “what can you take away from it?”. And “how do you go about responding to individuals who emphatically express criticism?”

The following clip is part of a series from our recent visit to NYU for a panel discussion entitled, “This Business of Music”.

Talk to us. How do you handle criticism? How have you used the words of critics, to refine what is that you do?


  1. I think I take criticism very well considering I’m always trying to refine various aspects of my art. Many of the things that have come to me via criticism I’ve taken and improved myself with, a few things just weren’t for me. I think without criticism we don’t grow.


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