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Horus Music Review – Music Distribution Buyer’s Guide


Horus is a music distribution service that isn’t as big as Tunecore, CD Baby, or Distrokid but I find it pretty impressive. They provide artists with a dedicated representative which is likely a benefit of their size. It’s like having a Primary Care Physician, somebody that knows what’s up with your project and can quickly fix problems without having to investigate them first. They also offer phone support so there are people to talk to rather than email. While those things are great to highlight, I’ve never used their service so I can’t speak to whether they make good on any of those features. Phone support could be a bot asking a set of programmed questions with programmed responses set to direct you to email if you have a problem outside of how it’s been programmed to respond. It could also be exactly what you’d expect it to be.

What could be an issue with Horus is that they don’t have any US offices so the support hours don’t really work for people in the States. At the same time, if you’re an artist residing in an African nation, Horus should be your pick. They have offices in Nigeria and South Africa. Additionally, because they’re not a US-based company, it appears they’re not subject to the 30% tax withholdings that impact US distributors.

Horus’s music distribution services has Fair Usage Policy that caps the number of releases an artist can distribute annually. The annual limitations are:

  • 10 Albums
  • 14 EPs
  • 48 Singles

If you wanted to release an album per month you couldn’t do that with Horus’s music distribution service. Though I understand why they impose the restriction, it’s not unlimited distribution if artists can’t distribute unlimited releases.

When it comes to getting your music in Dance music stores like Beatport, Horus has you covered with free distribution to those providers. They also do video distribution, though at an additional cost, which we cover in our breakdown of music video distribution services.

The vibe I get from Horus is that they’re an honest company looking to do right by artists. Their website needs work but that’s sometimes the case with companies more focused on doing the work than looking pretty. They’re offering a great deal with unlimited distribution for a flat fee of £20 annually while allowing you to keep 100% of revenue. They even allow you to keep 100% of Content ID revenue. It would be a great choice. If you live in the US things like Phone support go out the window because they don’t have US offices. Additionally, I don’t know what the cost of currency conversion could be with Western Union. If you’re located in Nigeria, Brazil, India, or Poland you get the full service.

The main issue I have with Horus is scale. If Horus had as many artists as Distrokid using their service, would they be able to sustain the current offer? I don’t know if they would. Looking at the model, it feels like the more successful they become, the more unstable things could get for the artists using their service.

Horus Music Distribution Full Details

Price*£20 / Annually
Percentage*Keep 100%
Release DateYes
Transaction FeesUndisclosed
Pays Through: Western Union
Western Union charges fees
Payment Threshold $10 for users based in the United States due to currency conversion
Artists1 Artist | £300 Annually for up to 40 Artists
Horus provides deep discounts as you increase the number of artists added to your plan.
Youtube Content IDYes
Keep 100%
Usually, when a distributor doesn’t specify whether they provide Whitelisting it means you have to contact them directly about having a video Whitelisted or dispute claims they make on your videos.
Split PayYes
UPC comes with the ability to bring your own
The only issue with Pre-orders is that you must contact them through Email for Instant gratification tracks which is just an unnecessary extra step.
PartnershipsHorus doesn’t have the influence to garner preferential treatment from DSPs so there’re no perks in that area.
Cancelation/Non-payment*Failure to pay will result in your releases being removed from stores.
Sync Licensing Not offered
Taxes*Doesn’t appear to be subject to 30% tax
Red FlagsNone



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