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If art is your life and your business, perhaps it should have its very own number. Last year I was hipped to the many advantages of Google Voice by a good friend and net-tech Andreas T. Jackson of MediaClectic. Personally I don’t care too much for cellphones and don’t see the point in having one unless you’re able to get a considerable amount work done with one. But, regardless of my feelings about mobile units used for conversing, if you’re seriously in business you need a phone. There is simply no way around it.

In all honesty I enjoy Google Voice simply because I get to have a phone number I can use and forward to that costs me nothing (never mind the fact that I no longer have to give out my real number.) I can send text messages and record conversations that I make then download them as mp3 files. As an artist, I’m sure you can definitely find many uses for those features outside of their general purpose.

Another idea that’s great for promotion is an option that allows you to when selecting a phone number see if certain words are available to be added within your new number. Like (646) 535-UBER. I think that’s pretty cool. Nevermind you choose your area code, so if you want to relocate your business without packing up and heading elsewhere, well you can do it with your number.

Google Voice is a very good look. The only issue I had with it is its transcription service. One word. Worthless. But seeing as in the fact that I have absolutely no need for it, it doesn’t matter.


  1. I adore Google Voice. You keep your GV number even if your cell/home number changes which is priceless if you have your number on business cards, promo material, etc.
    This service has a ton of features and customization options, plus its free. Can’t beat that!

  2. I’ve been sleeping on getting a number. I wanted to get one to add to my website/contact page. I get a lot of emails, text or other direct contact from people who view my (he)art. It would be another way to connect with people who don’t feel comfortable leaving public comments. Voice communication is always a plus.

    Great tip!


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