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Being verified is largely something most of us associate with Twitter but others have began to take notice and offer verification as well. Facebook was the first to bite but now Spotify has gotten in on the action. That’s right artists, you can now get a verified artist page on Spotify. Verification on Spotify is much more than a status symbol which is about all it is on Facebook and Twitter. On Spotify there are perks to verifying your page.

You gain the ability to sell pretty much anything you can think up on your Spotify page, including merchandise, autographed CD’s, a drop of your sweat, anything.
Much like Twitter, really just like Twitter because it’s a complete rip, Spotify users can “Follow” you. When a user follows your page they receive notification when you add new songs, post new products, or add a new performance.
You gain access to analytics on your listeners like age range, gender, location, and the number of streams your songs received within a certain time frame.


To claim your Spotify page visit this link:

Once you claim your page you’ll be able to take advantage of the things below:

This is my Claimed Spotify page:

Verified Spotify Page

Selling on Spotify

In order to sell merchandise on Spotify you have to set up a Bandpage. Bandpage started off as a content aggregator that distributed your media to Facebook through a custom tab. Now it functions as a central control room where you can change your photos, songs, videos, etc. on multiple platforms from the Bandpage dashboard.

Setup a Bandpage account


Add products to your bandpage store and they will automatically be added to your Spotify page

Here’s how your products will appear on your Spotify page


In order to collect Spotify stats you need to sign up for NextBigSound. Next Big Sound is a site that provides comprehensive statistical data. Not only will you be able to see how many Spotify plays you have on a weekly basis, but you’ll also be able to see Soundcloud data, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Rdio, and a host of other sources. All you have to do is link to the sites that are most important to you and you’ll have a centralized place to view your performance across those platforms.

The first thing you need to do is signup for Nextbigsound. You can use your email address to create an account and you’ll be asked to state whether you’re an artist, label, etc.


Search for your artist name in the search box


If you’re already in the system you’ll appear in a drop down list of artist with your name. If you’re not in the system you can click the button to add yourself to NextBigSound.

Manage Your Data Sources – Your data sources is where Nextbigsound pulls its statistical data from like your Youtube and Soundcloud account. In this case we’re only doing Spotify.


Request permission to view Spotify data – run a search for your artist name and submit your request. In order to view Spotify data your account must first be verified. If you request access to Spotify data before verifying your account it will get stuck as “pending” until you verify your account.


Here’s how your Spotify stats will appear


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