Femi Onas

femi onas

Born in Far Rockaway, Queens, the son of Nigerian immigrants; Femi began his foray into music as a teen heavily influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Michael Jackson along with a whole host of other pioneers who covered in their music all aspects of life ranging from the sensual to the spiritual.

His father, an avid music lover had a very diverse record collection which helped foster Femi’s¬†musical appetites. Due to this early exposure, he developed an openness which has afforded him vast¬†range in his composition abilities. ¬†The different rhythms and cadences of Pop, R&B/Soul, Funk, Rock, Hip hop, Salsa, Afrobeat, Punk etc all contribute to making¬†him the artist he is today.¬†

Despite his unique sound, range and performance capabilities, many among his family are skeptical of the viability of his decision to pursue music as a professional career, discouraging this move at every turn. Their preference being for him to opt into what any truly gifted artist would consider a life of misery, a steady 9 to 5 profession. Femi remains defiant and will continue to rebel, thus here we are.