Facebook Video: 6 Things About Facebook Video


Facebook lately has been making a strong push to get users to float away from linking to Youtube videos and begin using Facebook video instead. Here’s 6 things you should know about Facebook video before posting your videos.

  1. Facebook’s content isn’t indexed by search engines – This means that if a friend told me about your video and I decided to look it up on Google I wouldn’t be able to find it.Google Search Image
  2. You can’t directly link to Facebook videos – Facebook videos don’t have URLs you can use to spread them across the web. There isn’t even an option to embed a Facebook video. Instead, users are relegated to linking to posts and embedding posts that contain video.
  3. Embedded Facebook videos appear as status updates  –  You cannot embed a Facebook video by itself. You can only embed the status update that contains the video along with the message in the update from the poster and their profile picture. Facebook posts can only be embedded if they’re privacy setting is set to public.

    Post by Gif.
  4. They don’t allow you to monetize your views – This means that unlike Youtube, there’s no money to be made from your Facebook video uploads.
  5. Auto-play – As users scroll through the News Feed Facebook videos auto-play on mute. If the visuals are found to be appealing all a user has to do is unmute the audio.Facebook_video
  6. Better visual representation in the News Feed – Youtube videos in the News feed appear like this:Facebook_YoutubeWhile Facebook videos appear like thisFacebook_video

The fact that Facebook videos auto-play where users can be intrigued by the visuals enough to take action certainly incentivises the use of Facebook video. You’re also provided with advanced stats on fan engagement with Facebook videos where you see how long viewers spent watching and exactly how many plays.

In conclusion, Facebook video is for Facebook. Outside of Facebook, use Youtube. The thing about it all is that if you use both you’re siphoning views from your Youtube videos, especially if Facebook is your main means of connecting with fans, friends, and family and getting the word out. Youtube views carry social currency while Facebook views, at this time, do not. Youtube views can get you press, festival slots, and radio airplay so it’s not just a matter of visibility, it’s a matter of value.

A television station like ABC isn’t going to allow Facebook to air full episodes of it’s shows without ads unless Facebook cuts them a check. Neither should you.

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