• Earn Points: Artists can accumulate points when users visit their track pages, comment, and share their music.
  • Redeem Points: These points can be redeemed for promotional campaigns, priority placement, business services, products, and even cash.
  • Badge System: Artists can create badges that users can unlock by engaging with their music, completing challenges, and playing games.
  • Exclusive Content: Exclusive content can be restricted to badge holders, adding a layer of exclusivity.
  • Revenue Sharing: Artists have the option to share a percentage of their earnings with listeners, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.


  • Earn Points: Listeners can earn points by visiting artist track pages, sharing, and commenting on music.
  • Redeem Points: Points earned can be redeemed for prizes from participating partners and cash.
  • Badge System: Listeners can boost their point total and earn artist badges by completing challenges, playing games, and completing missions.
  • Exclusive Content Access: Badge holders get access to exclusive content, creating a sense of privilege.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Listeners have the chance to earn cash by engaging with artists and participating in various activities.


  • Earn from Sharing: Curators can share any track or playlist by any artist and earn when the page is visited and listeners engage.
  • Monetization of Taste: Unlike other platforms, curators can monetize their taste in music without additional work beyond creating playlists.
  • Streamlined Monetization: Curators can now directly benefit from the work they’ve already done in curating playlists.
  • Financial Recognition: Offers curators a financial incentive beyond traditional methods like music reviews or playlist consideration.
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