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We take pride in helping artists grow beyond streams. Our experience touches many aspects of the industry having played a key role in growing artist brands and driving sales for everything from digital downloads to concert tickets.

You’ll be able to lean on our knowledge base to gain insight into growing your career into a business.


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Reach out anytime to request reviews, share your thoughts, ideas, and music. Having trouble with your distributor? We may be able to help, with our resources we’ve been able to recover lost royalties, get withheld revenue released, coordinate features, and more.

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Generate Revenue

What if I told you that when you set your business up right, Spotify revenue could be just a drop in the bucket? Well, it’s true. The revenue generated by successful musicians in areas beyond Spotify eclipses what they earn from the platform. We provide the information you need to know, where to go, and what to do to better monetize your business.

Our Experience

They say experience is the best teacher and we’ve learned a lot from working with artists. Through Case Studies, we showcase where things can go right and where things can go wrong. Our goal is to provide full-scope information with lessons artists can learn from.

Understand Your Tools

We take deep dives into platforms, services, tools, and more to help artists gain a full understanding of how they work and can best be utilized. Learn how platforms like Youtube and Spotify can be converted into effective customer funnels, how they monetize, the marketing tools they provide, and more.

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Often we’re asked to review companies that aren’t high on our priorities list. Lifetime members can change that by requesting a review. We’ll review any company¬†a member requests within a week.

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Live Q&As are held once a week on Youtube through an Unlisted Livestream. Here, you get answers to your questions, ask follow-up questions, and chat about things happening in the industry.

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Private Discord channels can be accessed to unlock token airdrops, submit music to be used in videos, get honest feedback, post your social media accounts to get a follow from us so we can track your activity, and more.