Countdown to Maximum Exposure: Do you have a plan for your next release?


A good friend of mine has a saying that I borrow, use and abuse consistently. It should be listed and stated as another golden rule, or at least some well regarded metal. It’s goes,”No plan for success, is a plan for failure”. I couldn’t agree more and as I take a look at countless artists today (many of which are my peers) and how they manage their careers, it’s pretty plain to see that lack of a basic plan or at least a handful of goals set, keep them from ‘really’ winning.

So you’re going to release an album. That’s a pretty big deal and will have a lot to do with your future success as an artist. If it’s your first record, well you only get one chance to make a first impression right? This post isn’t about the content of your record or even how good your material is. It’s about the preparation and planning behind getting this new piece of work delivered in the most efficient and effective way.

Recently I downloaded a promotion timeline created and distributed by and CD Baby. It’s a pretty tight guide and definitely can help put the whole album release thing in perspective for anyone that’s clueless as of where to start while serving as a reminder for even those who feel they’ve got it all figured out.

If your music is important to you then putting together a plan for it’s release is essential. Hopefully this guide will help! Let me know what you think about it.

Download – Countdown to Maximum Exposure


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