Best Bet Artists


If you'd like to know what it means to be chosen as a Best Bet artist, read on as we breakdown the perks.

Free Promotion 

All Best Bet artists get added to Playlists and pushed across the socials of Payusnomind and our partners. We plan to host events like Live streamed performances, interactive interviews, and more. 


70% of revenue earned from the sale of Best Bet cards will be dedicated to marketing campaigns run across multiple social media platforms promoting Best Bet artists. As a Best Bet, you'll get free advertising directing new listeners to your music. We'll also be providing Best Bets with assistance with their marketing strategies through consultation and by providing free access to important resources and tools. 

Invested Community 

Everyone that holds a Best Bet artist card is invested in the success of Best Bet artists. The growth of the  artists as well as the Best Bet brand will drive the value of our cards as an asset. We have Discord community rooms dedicated to Best Bet artists where holders can share thoughts on an artist's direction and artists can come and test out new music as well as pitch promotional ideas. You have a group of investors willing to mobilize on your behalf. 


Every month we post a breakdown of marketing dollars and how they were spent to the Dicord community room called "Accountability". We also take votes on where funds should be allocated for best results and impact. 



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