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It seems cliche but knowledge is power! With access to the right kind of information any artist can use that information to change their condition. There are sites charging over $1400 for courses that teach artists how to market and promote their music online. This restricts information to artists that can afford to spend $1400 and leaves everyone that can’t to figure it out on their own. I want to help all artists succeed, no matter their financial position by providing important information for free or, at the very least, extremely low costs like I’ve done with my series of dollar books.

Why I Need Your Support

Time is money and what you don’t pay for in money you pay for in time. Researching topics, writing articles and e-Books, recording and editing videos takes an enormous amount of time. I’d like to provide more information but simply can’t afford to invest the time or money for the equipment upgrades it would take to do so. Your support would enable me to increase the quality and quantity of information I can provide, to further and more effectively assist in your growth and success as artists.

What I’d Like to Do

I would like to write more free and low cost e-Books that inform you of how to do things like advertise on Youtube and social media as well as read and understand Analytics. I’m looking to create more online courses and instructional videos that explain in detail how to use various tools and services. I’d like to upgrade some of my equipment like getting a better microphone and increased computer RAM for processing video productions.

My dream for Payusnomind is for it to be the artist manager that you don’t have to pay 15%. Your support will help us get there. As a thank you for your support you receive exclusive perks unavailable to the general public which you can view below.


  • Every little bit helps. Your support keeps the operation going and allows us to make more videos and produce more content and continue to inform the artists community.
  • Weekly Q & A Priority – Guarantees your questions get answered in my weekly Q & A


  • Weekly Q & A Priority – Guarantees your questions get answered in my weekly Q & A
  • Request reviews – Request that I review websites, products, and services in upcoming videos.
  • 50% Discount on all e-Books 


  • Free e-Book Downloads – Get free downloads of all of my e-Books.
  • Hangout – Monthly private Hangout where we can live chat, share experiences, and you can get direct support.
  • 1 Free Consultation – One on One direct chat where I can focus on your questions and help you achieve your goals.



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