Upload Music: The Top 3 Places to Upload Music


Upload Music: The Top 3 Places to Do It

Upload Music

What should you look for when searching for places to upload music?Think about this, why do artists want their music played on MTV, because millions of music fans watch MTV. Why do artists want their music played on Z100, because millions of music fans listen to Z100. Deciding which music hosting sites deserve your time and attention can be really simple, just go where the fans are.  The sites that focus more on creating a pleasant experience for their listeners usually has more of them than those that don’t.

Common philosophy held by most retail businesses is “the customer is always right”. In the business of music, music fans are the customer. Look at the option of sites you have to upload music to, think about the ones that are putting the fans/ customers first, and upload music there.

Bandcamp logo

Grammy winning rapper Killer Mike released his album “I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II” on Bandcamp. Underground hip hop favorite Black Milk released his album “Album of the Year” on Bandcamp. The independent releases from established acts on the site have attracted the fan bases of those artists. Bandcamp has established its self as a source for quality underground and independent music. Friend and host of the show Hood Hype J Mack actually goes to Bandcamp and browses through the Hip Hop section looking for hidden gems. When I check my statistics on the site I receive a significant amount of traffic from users browsing through the Hip Hop category.

I became familiar with Bandcamp through a friend and blogger that complained about artists sending him songs titled track 1. After he downloaded the song and went back to listen to it he’d have no clue what was the song name or who the artist was that made it. As a solution he suggested that artists should use what was a new site at the time called Bandcamp. Using Bandcamp the songs with be ID3 tagged with the title, artists, and cover to make it identifiable after it was downloaded. I assume other bloggers agreed with his view because Bandcamp audio players started popping up on blogs all over. If I were to rank the audio players I see used online by bloggers I’d say Bandcamp comes in a close second to the Soundcloud audio player.

top 3 places to upload music - Soundcloud2. Soundcloud

Soundcloud logo

In 2012 Soundcloud registered 10 million users. Since that time the site has only grown.

The first time I heard Beyonce’s Bow Down ( I been on) record was on Soundcloud and so was the first time I heard Kendrick Lamar’s Backseat freestyle. Beyonce’s record was reposted by a user I follow and Kendrick Lamar’s track was reposted by that user as well. I also follow record labels and popular artists who use the site to test new material. These popular artists have brought their fans to Soundcloud, fans that now view Soundcloud as a place they can gain access to exclusive material from their favorite artists. As a result there are more music fans on the site now than ever looking for new music and following users who seem to always find the good stuff first. It’s really contributed to the possibilities of your music being discovered by music lovers.

Additionally, blogs and radio stations use Soundcloud to discover new music as well and Soundcloud has a feature that allows blogs and radio stations to accept submissions directly within Soundcloud.

Personal Experience:

I remixed a song by Aloe Blac titled “I Need a Dollar” and the song has gotten over 3000 plays on the site from what I can only assume were users searching for the original. Some of the users that hear my remix listen to other songs I have and follow me on the site and some take it a step further and follow me on Twitter as well. There was a song off my last album titled “Lost with Dreams” that ended up on a playlist by a user that turned out to be the Soundcloud content manager and from the addition to that playlist my song got more Likes which resulted in more followers.

One day I logged in and the first thing at the top of my music stream was a song Liked by a user I follow named “Joe Goldie”. It was a song from a group called “weareKINGworldwide “. I respect Joe Goldie’s taste in music so I checked it out and I was blown away. Maybe I’m a different type of guy but I get excited about good music, so I went to Twitter, tweeted the song, directly tweeted to a few friends I thought would really appreciate it, followed the group on Twitter, found them on Youtube and subscribed to their channel, and added their music to my list of favorites.

When I want music I turn to Pandora but I’m often restricted to my knowledge of music as it will only play music similar to artists and songs I tell it to play. It’s also limited to mostly retail releases and releases from established artists. On Spotify I’m confronted with the same problem of having to know what I want to listen to while on Soundcloud I get exposed to instant releases from major artists as well as quality songs from unsigned and independent artists. When I want to find new music I go there and so does a lot of other music fans which is why if you want your music to be discovered, you should be there too.

1. Youtube

Youtube Logo

Artists don’t tend to think of Youtube as a music hosting site because of its emphasis on video but that type of thinking is limited. Lack of video content results in many artists being reluctant to really take advantage of what Youtube has to offer but there’s nothing that says your content as has to be anything other than a file saved in a video file format to be uploaded to Youtube. An image still or photo slideshow set to music would work just fine.

Youtube is the number one place people go for music online. More than 1 Billion viewers hit the site per month and if Youtube was a search engine it would be ranked number 2 behind Google. It’s amazing to watch my wife get sucked into watching videos on Youtube. She’ll get an email about a video or go to the site in search of something specific. It’s usually the related videos that show inside the player after whatever she watches in done that gets her. The videos on the side do a good job of killing her productivity as well.

Youtube has a structure that facilitates growth for content by helping content it identifies as engaging to users gain more views. It does this by featuring content with high watch times in the related videos section and providing them with priority placement in search results. The Youtube Search engine itself is a very effective tool for discovery. My song “The Po’vitches” http://youtu.be/wHoVHVP1h3g generated over 3000 views thanks to the Youtube search engine.

With everything from songs from major label artists to a girl singing into her webcam and a cat chasing its tail Youtube is a place people visit online for Entertainment. If you’re looking to get your music in front of music fans, you should be there too.

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